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Steps Of The Planning Stage Of A Content Marketing Strategy

When you’re aware of the need for the planning stage of a content marketing strategy, let’s help you create it. Therefore, we separate them step by step, with the processes involved.

Market Overview Summary

We’ve already talked about the market before. Still, it’s essential to go back to this point because this way, it’s possible to verify the problems that your company solves and how to differentiate it from competitors.

Definition Of Objectives

Having objectives to guide the planning and content teams is essential. With this, it will be possible to know whether or not the strategy was effective. The goals must be clear and precise and may or may not bring numbers. 

For example, your goal may be to become an authority in your industry, which goes through content marketing, or your goal may be to increase your blog’s organic traffic by 20% in 1 month. 

There are numerous other options. For content marketing to help generate demand and impact sales, you can aim to: increase the conversion of website visitors into leads by 30%.

Creation Of Personas

One of the essential items in the planning stage of a content marketing strategy is the persona. That’s because this character represents everything your brand wants to achieve with the content. So, you need to deeply understand how to create the persona for your business to communicate efficiently and assertively.

In this content here, we even explain in detail how the strategist should develop the persona.

Knowledge Of The Purchase Journey

How does the customer behave in buying your product or service? That’s what this topic aims to find out. In this way, it is possible to know the pain of the lead at the beginning of the search for a solution, what are the main doubts, how and when he realizes that he needs a product for his problem, what are the advantages that make the difference for him, among others aspects.

From there, you have rich inputs to develop great content ideas and create materials according to each moment of the lead’s buying journey, from the learning and discovery stage to decision-making.

Sales Funnel

A point closely linked to the purchase journey, the sales funnel represents the path of leads through the journey and uses triggers and content to make them advance from one stage to another.

In practice, the content called the top of the funnel represents the lead’s initial education and awareness. Already, in the middle of the funnel, you help them improve or solve the problem. Finally, at the bottom of the funnel, it is possible to show yourself as the best partner or company to solve that issue.

Keyword Study

Now, let’s study keywords that are closely linked to SEO practices. This is because the planning defines the strategic terms for the business that the writers will use in the content to produce articles of high interest and value to improve the ranking of these words in the search engines.

As a result, you have more visibility, more organic traffic, attract more visitors and can generate more qualified leads that will find your page through Google.

And to find those strategic words to be worked on, planning dives deep into the reality of your company, from market research to the sales funnel.

Alignment Of The Tone Of Voice And Language

At the planning stage of a content marketing strategy, this alignment of tone and language is a minor thing. But your company may reach its persona if it needs to be defined correctly.

Therefore, studying the persona is essential to understand how you should communicate with them, whether in a more formal or relaxed way, whether it is worth using gifs and jokes or whether it should be more serious and corporate. With this mapping, the content will have more life and personality and be more assertive.

Choice Of Reference Sources

Fonts are a beneficial aspect for the content team. Mainly because the writers can see information and market references about subjects, approaches, language tones, new content formats (such as a podcast ), and styles for each communication channel (whether social network, blog, e-mail, eBook etc.), among others. 

With these analyses, it is possible to draw a line of communication to stand out and produce differentiated content, which will become a future reference, which generates even more gains for your business in SEO, image and brand authority.

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