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What Is The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Companies?

Artificial Intelligence: Big brands are investing more and more in technology every day, considering its transformative role in the future of work. But what changes with artificial intelligence in companies, you know?

AI in companies shows increasingly expressive results in productivity in the most diverse areas of activity. The use of intelligent systems enhances processes while transforming work relationships.

This experience is applied in different ways, according to the focus of the business. But what cannot be denied is that we are at the right time to take advantage of this innovation’s opportunities. Leaders, managers, and investors are beginning to understand the power of artificial intelligence in companies and the importance of designing personalized strategies that work together with this technology.

If you are still unsure if you understand exactly what we are talking about, today, our article seeks to overview the impact of artificial intelligence on modern companies. What does artificial intelligence mean, and what are its applications? What changes for the business when it starts to invest in this technology? 

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Many people have a rather cinematic idea of ​​the concept of artificial intelligence. Super intelligent robots dominate the world and become superior to humans.

Let’s say this is a well-augmented view of reality, but not entirely fictional. This is because artificial intelligence refers to the ability of machines to think in a similar way to us humans. On the other hand, there is no sensationalism of robot domination. The fact is that many of today’s machines already have abilities such as being able to learn, reason, differentiate and even make decisions based on their own previous experiences.

Application Of Artificial Intelligence In Companies

The insertion of artificial intelligence in companies and corporate activities may seem, to some people, a futuristic idea. But the truth is that the future is what we live in today; the point is that everything is happening at an incredible speed.

Keeping up with all this development is still a great challenge for managers. However, it is essential to open your eyes to the repercussions that all these changes cause. 

Digital transformation, in general, has brought new technologies and, with them, the possibility of using software that coordinates different stages of work. This aspect should be seen to maximize results and not replace human labor with machines. Let’s take a closer look at some of the sectors and operations that have changed with the introduction of AI, as well as services that are only possible with this technology.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are allies of many offices, which can voice recognition, understand demands and carry out commands. This feature demonstrates a powerful productivity potential, as they can schedule meetings, make calls, organize events in virtual agendas, conduct research, among other activities.

Employee Satisfaction

The employee satisfaction survey is a traditional method for assessing how happy a company’s employees are to work there. Artificial intelligence in companies allows expanding the scope of this analysis, constantly monitoring employees’ perceptions.

AI solutions accompany professionals and help identify, through behavioral data, signs of dissatisfaction. In this way, the Human Resources department can work on top of them, directing as best fits the problem’s solution.


Artificial intelligence in companies can also be used as an incredible security mechanism. In this context, we can consider cyber attacks and even protect the organization’s physical environment.

The AI ​​service can quickly identify attempted cyberattacks, preventing sensitive company data from being exposed to third parties. Security cameras, in turn, are equipped with facial recognition, allowing the identification of criminals captured in the image.

Integration Between Teams

Artificial intelligence in companies also acts as an efficient team management tool, mainly through collaborative work platforms and software.

It connects data, facilitating the exchange of information between sectors. Thus, tasks are performed more precisely, allowing leaders to monitor the entire process and identify which professionals work more directly on each project. 

Recruitment And Selection

Selection processes always require a lot of dedication from the HR team. But with artificial intelligence in companies, this process has gained precious extra help. These are some of the applications of artificial intelligence in companies. We notice how much has changed and how much there is still to change through them. We know that productivity and integration between people and processes are already proven benefits of this modern approach.

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