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Twitter Is The Essential Digital Tool For Managing Your After-Sales Service

Exit overloaded hotlines and forms to post; now it’s on Twitter that you must manage your after-sales service. In recent years, more and more companies have adopted the network to deploy a new generation of customer service: a more modern customer relationship and a spirit that gives the company a more attractive appearance and attention to its customers. Back on this change in after-sales service, with, for example, some avant-garde brands that have devoted themselves to reactive after-sales service on Twitter.

Why Is Twitter The Right Platform?

Twitter is the second most used social network in India, and its members include influencers, bloggers, and, more generally, connected people who have absolute power over a brand’s e-reputation. Using Twitter for its after-sales service thus makes it possible both to avoid excesses and transform a failed action into real bad buzz and maximize positive feedback and benefit from beneficial word-of-mouth! Twitter allows a company to provide quality assistance by being reactive and present with its consumers, allowing it at the same time to listen and get an idea of ​​the discourse of Internet users on the brand and its “social” image.

How Do You Make After-Sales Service On Twitter A Lever For Your E-Reputation?

More and more users are turning to Twitter to share their feedback, and although this practice is still not very widespread, there are some best practices to quickly become an expert who listens and is recognized by its consumers as such.

To Be Reactive

Fast and efficient pay service. A quick and effective tweet can be a competitive advantage, customers being more inclined to spend afterward… Just as much as a long wait and a response that never arrives can be fatal. Even without directly proposing a solution, it is essential to respond quickly – during the day – to avoid bad reactions because 81% of Internet users would not recommend a brand after a bad after-sales service experience!

Calm The Game

However vehement the comments left, tact and politeness are essential qualities for any Community Manager. Marks of respect are just as much more obligatory if we want to avoid “bad buzz” at all costs. Having a separate account for your after-sales service makes it different from corporate communication, two activities that are fundamentally different in every way. In addition, Internet users identify more easily where to formulate their requests when they search, preventing submissions from being sent randomly and getting lost in the Twitter flow.

Use Private Messages

The 140-character limit can become problematic when the issue seems more complex and more conversation is needed. In particular, it is often best to try to calm and solve the problems of the most disgruntled customers privately and avoid displaying any outbursts in public.

Value The Positive

When the messages received are positive, and when the problems are resolved in a tweet, on the contrary, do not hesitate to show it. Positive reviews and satisfied customers represent successful customer service and proof of a listening brand. There’s nothing like it to gain the confidence of other potential customers.

Retweeting positive reviews encourages other consumers to promote your offerings and spread a positive brand image. Another definite competitive advantage! There are many practices, but the important thing is always to be understanding and attentive: leading a community is a task for experts. Do not hesitate to contact us! After-sales service on Twitter is an excellent way to work in an omnichannel, allowing increasingly mobile users to connect with their brand anytime.

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