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Difference Between Cloud Hosting And Dedicated Servers

According to your conception, are cloud hosting and dedicated servers the same thing, or does each term have its characteristics that differentiate them?

Likely, you are now in doubt, which is normal, as you are certainly not the only one. Many people have a dim view of these terms, as they need to be aware of certain advantages attributed to one side, and mainly because both tools act in hosting, responsible for making your company’s content available on the world wide web, the internet.

Find out below the points that differentiate cloud hosting and dedicated servers.

Cloud Hosting

Formed by a virtual cloud, the hosting system stores data and performs processing. It is a highly flexible platform adaptable to the real needs of the company’s IT system.

Stability is another good point for using cloud hosting because, in the event of any failure, the cloud servers are taken over by other equipment, ready to avoid any system interruption.

In addition, with cloud hosting, there is active monitoring, preventing website access overloads and ensuring that it is always up and running.

In short, cloud hosting provides scalability, guaranteed processing, protection, and availability.

Dedicated Servers

The dedicated server does the trick for those needing high hardware performance. With them, you will be able to manage the server with autonomy and complete access.

In addition to optimizing system performance, with a speed that meets the high demand for data volume, dedicated servers can reach connection speeds of up to 1 Gbps, all according to the customer’s needs.

How To Choose A Virtual Datacenter?

How to choose a virtual data center? How to have the best solutions in data storage and processing? Such a question haunts the minds of many people connected to the technology sector.

First, it is necessary to analyze your company’s needs, guide the process of choosing a Virtual Datacenter, and enjoy all the technological practicality in data storage and processing.

Security And Availability

Regardless of the infrastructure system adopted by the company, be it private, public, hybrid cloud, or even dedicated servers, two fundamentally essential factors must be considered: security and availability. These two factors must guide the choice of a Virtual Datacenter.

Security to protect data storage and availability for data processing to flow without the famous “bugs” and “system stuttering,” which often compromise the company and its reputation and generate losses.

Efficient Infrastructure Service: Invest In A Reliable Company

The current context shows that not all technology companies are aligned with the needs of each company that demands an efficient IT infrastructure service and a Virtual datacenter.

First, it is necessary to identify the adequate provider to choose the most efficient system in terms of Virtual Datacenter. Also, remember that having anti-DDoS solutions is more than a necessity; it is a mandatory item for the Virtual Datacenter to run at its full potential, with less chance of succumbing to DDoS attacks, which are increasingly common in this current scenario.

Hiring the service of a Virtual Datacenter is the solution found by several companies to simplify the structure of a local data center, expand it and even minimize costs, thus obtaining better performance with more benefits.

It is a service that includes many resources capable of providing a wide range of benefits for your company’s IT. It’s the best way to replace outdated data center equipment, providing cost-effective system-wide optimization.

Through a complete and easy-to-use control panel, it is possible to manage the entire system live in real-time. Through it, you can distribute vCPUs, and the amount of memory needed according to the demand.

With The Contracting Of The Virtual Datacenter, Can I Choose Images?

It is essential to point out that Linux and Windows images can be included in the Virtual Datacenter, according to your needs.

What Can I Manage?

With the hiring of the Virtual Datacenter, it is possible to manage the distribution of IPs, switches, servers that run on Linux and Windows, routers, firewalls, and even load balancers with high availability.

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