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Four Characteristics Of Modern Digital Marketing

Modern Digital Marketing: Surely you have heard about digital marketing in recent years. Digital Marketing can be a seven-headed bug for some people, especially if you’re entering this world.

But don’t worry, and it’s easier to understand than it looks! Digital Marketing is the dissemination and promotion of products or services through digital platforms. Digital Marketing is the leading way companies promote their products to the public.

With the emergence of technologies like social networks, the public has become much more connected to the internet. Therefore, traditional Marketing had to adapt to the market’s new reality and migrate to the digital environment.

Today, if your company is not present in the digital environment, it does not exist because most of the public comes to a business through the internet.

Characteristics Of Modern Digital Marketing

However, digital marketing has continued evolving. New technologies are constantly being developed and launched, and everyone must adapt to new realities to be included and take advantage of great opportunities.

Modern Digital Marketing is characterized by high technology and the strategic use of these tools. Check out some features of modern Digital Marketing that your company needs to adhere to if you don’t want to stay out of the market.

1- Marketing As An Investment

One of the main characteristics of modern digital marketing is the change of mindset companies need to have about what marketing means and what results they bring. At first, marketing was viewed as an operating cost, as its impact and return were difficult to measure.

Let’s exemplify. Until the 1990s, measuring how many people were impacted by a street billboard or a television commercial was impossible. You could get an estimate if the avenue is very busy or how many televisions were on the channel then. But the exact number was unbelievable.

With digital marketing, this information became accurate, and the way marketing was thought of was modified. Now, companies see actions and campaigns as investments, where the results will be more significant than they would be without Marketing. This also happened because indicators and tools were developed to help measure the return on the actions taken.

2- Strategic Planning

While traditional marketing also had campaign planning, its focus was on the product rather than the audience. One of the characteristics of Digital Marketing is much greater strategic planning and, mainly, more focused on a more specific public segmentation to reach the target audience directly.

That is, digital marketing is much more effective, as it identifies potential customers and delivers the best campaigns that are most likely to impact them. This is possible thanks to new technologies, especially the internet, which allow storing data and identifying interests and behavioral trends of all audiences.

3- Relationship With Customers

The main feature of modern Digital Marketing is to place the customer at the center of actions. Selling the product matters more than offering the best possible experience so that the customer is satisfied and wants to do business with you again.

All tools are aimed at understanding each customer’s tastes, interests and customs to understand how it would be the best way to present your product to them.

Does your customer like social media? Your brand is present in them and offers the best possible service. Is the most significant number of visits to your store via smartphones? So your website must be responsive and offer the best usability on mobile devices.

Perhaps the customer needs to prepare to buy the first time he comes into contact with your brand, but he will remember you if the experience is good.

4- Data Analysis

As we speak throughout the text, one of the characteristics of modern Digital Marketing is the amount of data we can collect and use to create the best campaigns and make the best decisions.

Several tools allow you to identify everything about your customers, which will be very useful when creating your Digital Marketing strategy.

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