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Android Or iOS? Which Operating System Is Right For You!

Android or iOS? This is one of the main doubts when we talk about technology. With the need to increasingly look for a cell phone or smartphone with the best qualities, good functions, and even the best cost-benefit ratio, some prefer one.

Whichever team you are most likely to choose, each one has its characteristics and functionality. The choice will depend on your goals, understanding which operating system has the most to do with you, and identifying how much money you intend to invest.

What Is An Operational System?

Before detailing each model, it is important to emphasize what an operating system is. It is nothing more than a software or set of software, which makes the interface between the user and hardware without binary code or machine language.

It is a collection of data and technical instructions of a technology that manages and administers all the resources in a machine involving any component, even third-party programs.

Imagine that you have a computer or smartphone and have keys, a mouse, or perform any request on the device; the operating system is the one that will collect your need and make the command, in machine language, to the processor with the necessary instructions to be executed.

Therefore, he is a kind of intermediary interface between the individual and the work of technology.

Android Or iOS: What Are The Differences?

As already mentioned, understanding the differences between an Android and an IOS system is one of the most asked questions when looking for a new cell phone.

Android System

Developed by Google, the system used by most smartphones from leading brands, such as Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi, is characterized by an operating system that is easier to customize, more flexible, and open source. In addition, it is also recognized as easy to handle, so in some countries, it predominates.

Thus, it has easy integration with the primary Google services and apps. In addition to having access to video cameras, touch screens, GPS, 3D graphics acceleration, and other tools that make the experience fast and effective. But these factors vary from device to device or brand.

iOS System

Developed by Apple, this system is exclusive to brand devices that were produced to compete and with an attempt to bring better features and experiences to users.

Your layout is considered more pleasant by many users; in addition to being a lighter and faster system, it also has integration with Google apps, although it is a system that is more difficult to change and customize.

Today, it has a program with numerous specific features, making it one of the most used and valued systems in the world, mainly because it brings annual updates with many new features.

Advantages Of Choosing Android Or iOS System

Understanding the two systems, questioning the advantages of each one is established. After all, which is better: Android or iOS? Check out the benefits of each one below.

Battery Time

This comparison is always raised between the two models, but it is somewhat complex to define since they do not have standard hardware.

On Android, it has always been possible to identify how the battery is being used and which applications consume the most of the remaining charge time, which facilitates its management and economy.

Many Android brands have a battery-saving tool that helps reduce cats’ time by optimizing some features. Now, on iOS, this was only introduced later.

But regarding battery life, it depends on the model of the device itself. Still, it is worth mentioning that the iOS system is focused on extracting the most from the battery for its more specific functions, so many users complained about its duration.

System Hardware

The difference starts from the manufacture of each one. While Android allows manufacturing by different brands, such as Motorola, LG, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc., iOS is exclusive to devices of the brand and models of your choice.

This allows iOS to have devices with very efficient communication between hardware and software, which is considered better.

System Updates

iOS always wins, as about 77% of its devices are updated with the latest system, while for Android, this number only reaches 40%.

We can analyze that iOS is more efficient and agile, mainly because all devices are from the same brand, different from Android.

Integration With Other Devices

Both have good integration due to the advancement of the internet of things. iOS, as it is exclusive to Apple, has integration with iPads, Apple Watch, and Macs. On Android, there is synchronization with desktops, tablets, smart homes, and wearables.

However, more is needed to justify that it is possible to use devices from different brands and that the difference means malfunction. There is just more complexity and use of resources.

User Experience

Each one comes with different proposals about the user experience, but both do it efficiently.

While Android is aimed at customizing the smartphone by its user, being able to customize almost everything, iOS has a simple proposal with an elegant design and a standardized experience.


This is by the philosophy of each of its stores. However, as iOS has a stricter and more bureaucratic app approval process, they tend to be more secure.

Another thing is that on Android, there is an open-source project that allows you to analyze the code and modify it, making it more vulnerable. But both have security with enough encryption over your data.

And What Are Its Disadvantages?

Because Android is easily modified, some users think this functionality causes some disorganization in the ordering of apps. Another point worth mentioning is that it has apps created by different companies, which makes optimization difficult. Another point is the need to have unnecessary apps that cannot be removed.

In iOS, because it is standardized, the system is closed and difficult to customize. In this way, as the iOS system is updated, some models become unusable, which causes frustration for users. Another point is that their devices have a higher cost-benefit than Android devices.

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