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Marketing Automation: What Can Be Automated?

Marketing Automation enables different strategies: taking care of social networks more efficiently, generating new leads, nurturing current leads more effectively, and creating emails for a targeted audience, among others. Check out the 6 best-automated marketing strategies below.

1 – Creating Forms

With automation, you can create different forms for each sales funnel stage, obtaining specific data from your audience.

2 – Email Marketing

You can send a series of emails (nourishment stream) at short intervals to nurture curiosity and educate users who have shown interest in your brand.

3 – Segmentation Of The Base

This is one of the essential strategies in automated marketing. After all, your company needs to send content to interested people! That’s why segmenting the contact base helps to lead the lead in the best way until the moment of purchase. For more assertive communication, you can segment contacts by interests or stage in the funnel, for example.

4 – Lead Score

In marketing automation tools, you can also assign scores to leads according to their actions and interactions with your content. Thus, you can know which contacts need immediate prioritized communication to finalize the purchase process.

5 – Social Media

There are automation tools where you can automate posts, monitor comments, and manage relationships. They help access a complete engagement report, showing which publications were a more successful number of new followers, among other data.

6 – Marketing Integrated With CRM

As you have seen, the CRM tool can be integrated with automated marketing, bridging the gap between the marketing and sales teams.

The CRM contains essential information about consumption patterns, lead profiles, and their interaction with your company. This way, the integration with CRM helps avoid mistakes, such as having two salespeople talking to the same customer.

When To Invest In Automated Marketing?

Not every company is ready to start a digital marketing automation strategy! Some companies are still beginning the digital journey, navigating to generate content and traffic, and leads.

However, if your business already has a good SEO job, has a steady flow of leads, and wants to scale, it’s time to invest in automated marketing!

How To Begin? – Step By Step

Ideally, start with the basics, choosing a tool for simple nutrition flows and essential automation, even more so if you are going to start alone, without the support of a Digital Marketing Agency!

1 – Planning

Every marketing strategy starts with planning. Start by defining the goals of your automation flow. What actions do you need to automate? Because?

In addition, you also need to have already traced your business persona – the profile of your customer(s) – and understand which steps your ideal customer goes through in the purchase journey.

2 – Content Production

Before starting the automation work, it is ideal to have already published several articles on the company’s Blog. With them, it is possible to create the initial flows of nurturing, attracting, and deepening the knowledge of the top and middle-of-the-funnel leads.

3 – Marketing Automation Tools

Research marketing automation tools and hire the one that best suits your needs. Then train your team, so they know how to exploit all the features.

4 – Qualification Of Contacts

Define what data you need to collect about your leads (age, city, industry, etc.). You can capture this information from a form. In addition, it is also necessary to analyze the contacts you already have and qualify the data.

5 – Lead Generation

Invest in landing pages and SEO to drive more visitors to your site. Don’t forget to create strategic forms on your site to capture data from users who are interested in your content.

Also, configure the nutrition flows in the tool. You can create, for example, 3 initial emails with content related to a product/service you want to sell. Over time, you can make more complete nurturing streams and campaigns.

6 – Evaluation And Optimization

A significant advantage of automation is monitoring and analyzing all user actions in the funnel. Always keep an eye on the conversion rates of the stream and campaigns and analyze the points that need improvement.

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