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How Can Marketing And IT Walk Together?

Marketing and IT: For a company to achieve the desired results, it is essential to understand how the different areas can work together.

After all, it is an opportunity for the skills and competencies of professionals in a given sector to complement those of other departments, contributing to more precise strategies and better organizational alignment. In this context, do you know how Marketing and IT can walk together?

With that in mind, we created this material so that you can check out the main points that organizations benefit from in the areas walking side by side. Continue reading and learn more.

Compliance With GDPR

The first topic is related to GDPR. Also known as the General Data Protection Law, the company as a whole must be aware of the main guidelines of the legislation so that it does not lead to penalties — even the loss of personal data can be one of the losses of the business, which would result in strategies outdated marketing efforts, mainly involving the lead base acquired by the company.

In this scenario, the Information Technology area must transmit the main topics to all sizes, including Marketing, which has the most access to information from people interested in its content and materials published on blogs.

Reduction Of Work Time And Effort

Most areas are already automated, which contributes to a reduction in time and work effort. In this way, the Information Technology area can propose improvements to the Marketing sector to optimize its demands, which would result in the possibility for the team to focus on more strategic actions aimed at the macro results of the business – instead of very manual activities.

Consequently, there will be a decrease in expenses for the company since the results will be more efficient, and there will be the possibility of using software and technologies to develop more targeted campaigns for its audience.

Regardless of the action, the ideal is to develop activities that require less investment without affecting the results — this is an essential role of the IT sector integrated with marketing.

Greater Proximity To Consumers

Whatever your company’s niche, it is essential to get closer to consumers to identify their needs, the strengths and weaknesses of your business vis-a-vis the market and your competitors, and identify opportunities for a new company to invest in the long term.

In addition, by developing a good relationship with the public, the business has the opportunity to:

  • Analyze what the best public negotiation practices are;
  • Having an easier time identifying what the company’s problems are at different stages of the sales funnel (and also in post-sales);
  • Guarantee voluntary advertising for the company, the famous word-of-mouth marketing;
  • Have more credibility in the market.

But how does the integration between Marketing and IT provide this differential? Through strategies that are more aligned with your customer’s profile, your audience’s experience as a whole improves.

In the day-to-day of its functions, the IT area will understand the most common requests from users and the most common support requests and identify the pains that your solution most heals for the public. This way, actions can be targeted based on these insights, contributing to more significant customer attraction.

Results Follow-Up

Regardless of the strategy adopted by your company, it is essential to monitor results to identify which bottlenecks still exist and which actions have brought more returns to your company.

Suppose the measurement is not carried out in an agile time. In that case, there is a risk that the pre-established results in the strategic planning will not be achieved, which would damage the rest of the sales funnel: SDR would not generate SQLs for the sales team, which in turn would not finalize the negotiation.

Other Positive Aspects Of Integration

Finally, we present other positive aspects of the integration between marketing and IT:

  • Strategic marketing thinking will be directly aligned with the company’s technology;
  • The company’s global mission will be taken into account by the entire team, regardless of the area, which would result in more effective results;
  • There will be an evangelization of technology within the marketing team, which will believe in the product;
  • Both teams will perform better by considering the perception of other groups to fulfill their demands, among others.

In this material, you can understand how the relationship between marketing and IT can contribute to the company’s success. For it to be carried out efficiently in your business, there must be open and continuous communication between departments, with both maintaining levels of accountability for the results. In other words, marketing and IT have direct actions so that the company can grow and reach the level desired by the board.

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