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Four Reasons To Integrate Online Chat Tools Into CRM

Understand how online chat tools can enhance the performance of your CRM system. CRM tools are already a consolidated strategy aimed at managing the relationship between brand and consumer in the best possible way.

Through it, you can monitor and compile the entire relationship history between your company and your customers.

All interactions are saved, as well as data and other insights essential for a panoramic view of who that customer is and what kind of identification they have with your brand. The centralization and recording of information in the system and the use of exclusive resources made available by the CRM contribute to monitoring the journey between customers/businesses. 

Thus, CRM works as a strategic business tool aiming to facilitate the delivery of qualified information about the consumer’s journey, both for the sales sector and the marketing of companies. In this way, teams work with more focus and efficiency, multiplying the chances of a successful deal. As they are responsible for managing customer relationships, other tools can help further enrich this experience, including online chats. 

Online Chats And The Digital Consumer  

Today, consumers highly value integrating with brands and social networks. Online chats currently represent the highest satisfaction levels compared to other channels for serving digital consumers. 

The shorter the response time, the higher the conversion projections for that customer. In other words, the conversion of a lead is directly related to the service that brands offer their consumers, whether in the virtual store, mobile sales applications, or other platforms. 

The digital consumer wants to talk to the team in real-time. And if your business still doesn’t offer the possibility of more direct contact between your customers and your brand, you’ve probably already lost business opportunities to other competitors that provide chat services. 

Online chats go far beyond a support and contact tool. In addition, they also serve as a powerful channel for executing marketing actions, such as integration with a CRM tool, for example. 

Jivo Chat is an example of one of the best tools available on the market and can be integrated with Senior’s CRM. Fully customizable, Jivo Chat is free and allows real-time communication monitoring, whether through online chat, Facebook Messenger, telephone, or email. In addition, a difference is that the tool now also offers integration with WhatsApp, the application most accessed by users through mobile devices.  

The solution makes all the necessary resources available to win more customers, including visitor monitoring, page invitations, service form, and an automatic translator. In addition, smartphones can access the platform through the official application.

How Online Chat Strengthens CRM Strategies

If your company already has CRM software or works with a chat tool but has not yet integrated the two devices, we have separated four reasons that show that it is worth having applications that combine to achieve better and better results. Come on! 

Know Your Audience In More Depth

Every good relationship is based on a good conversation. And the same is true between consumers and brands. To offer a communication channel that is attractive to your audience, you first need to know it. Knowing what interests, preferences, and needs are to adapt the tool to consumer expectations. 

When the CRM is integrated with a chat tool, it can archive all customer information, including service history and any contact point established during the conversation. These files can help generate reports in the future that help you better detail strategies for your target audience. 

Closely Follow The Customer Journey

The CRM allows you to closely monitor each movement of leads in the sales funnels. The chat works as a “booster” to accelerate this movement, optimizing the funnel stages and maximizing the performance of interaction between brand/customer through immediate service and chatbots. And with proactive invitations for the lead, move on to the next steps. 

Offer An Omnichannel Experience 

If your company already uses email and communication solutions within its CRM system, ensuring that your other service channels are integrated into a single platform allows you to offer an omnichannel service experience, where your team can follow a visitor regardless of the medium used by having access to all service data on a single platform.

Boost Your CRM Team’s Performance

In conjunction with your CRM system, online chat can improve your team’s performance and efficiency by allowing you to quickly track information, especially about a lead’s service history or even purchase history.

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