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Paid Media: Google Ads Or Facebook Ads?

Have you discovered that paid media can bring effective results faster for your company, and you want to invest but don’t know whether to start with Google Ads or Facebook Ads? We are here to help you!

In an ideal world, the most exciting thing would be to combine the two strategies to make the most of each. However, this is not always possible (with a limited budget, for example).

But it is possible to choose one of these paid ads and – doing a good job – achieve great results! If you want to find out which is the best, this article is for you! But we give you a spoiler: we suggest Google Ads get started. Read on and find out why!

But What Exactly Is Paid Media?

This concept encompasses the strategies of creating ads (usually on Google and social media such as Facebook and Instagram) and brand exposure in exchange for a payment to these platforms.

However, it is more than that: paid media is an investment that must be planned and not made randomly. After all, if you want to put your brand and products/services in the spotlight, the strategy must be right! So you don’t spend your budget on anything and increase visibility and recognition by the public faster!

Google Ads

This Google ad platform is used by companies that want to pay to gain prominence on search engine pages. Known as a synonym for “paid search,” Google Ads is a consolidated tool (it is even Google’s primary source of income!), capable of bringing numerous benefits to its advertisers at an excellent cost-benefit.

Facebook Ads

This platform is the most used for creating paid ads on social networks. While other social networks also offer paid media services, Facebook is still considered the highest return channel! Instagram, which has been growing every year, is owned by Facebook, so the best way to advertise on Instagram is through Facebook Ads Manager.

Where To Start: Google Ads Or Facebook Ads?

Finally, we find the answer to the question that guided this entire article. As we mentioned in the introduction, we recommend our clients start this work through Google Ads. And the reasons are many!

Main Benefits Of Google Ads

The most significant advantage of investing in Google’s paid ads is that anyone who searches in the search engine already knows they need a particular product or service. In other words, they are people who are more likely to become buyers!

This also ensures a higher ad response rate. After all, those who search for “Nike shoes,” for example, already know at least the type of shoe they want (sneakers) and the brand (Nike).

Other benefits of Google Ads:

  • Allows you to control the budget, set the monthly spending amount, and adjust the budget based on the results obtained;
  • It’s perfect for companies that need results soon, as it offers fast and transparent results. You may configure your campaign today, and you will have the first results tomorrow! However, the average time of results for campaigns is three months. Which is still pretty fast compared to other strategies!;
  • Allows you to attract customers from your area of ​​operation, as it is possible to configure different targeting for the display of the ad;
  • There is room for all companies, regardless of size and available budget;
  • The campaign can be started and stopped whenever you want, spending only what you spent until it runs;
  • It is easily measurable, allowing you to monitor the results with each strategy. Campaign information is detailed, with in-depth reports, but very easy to understand!

What About Facebook Ads?

On the other hand, at the beginning of the work, Facebook Ads are more suitable for attracting potential customers who are not yet so likely to buy. Most of the time, these people do not know your brand and have not even discovered that they need your product/service. After all, Facebook ads appear on users’ timelines without them looking for or showing great interest in having your product.

So Paid Facebook Ads can be more targeted at a little longer work than Google Ads. They help the audience to get in touch with your company (by liking your page and following your content), making it possible to create a bond between people and your brand!

So Will My Company’s Social Media Be Stopped?

If you choose to do professional work with a digital marketing agency and start with Google Ads – and unless someone at your company continues to post or run Facebook Ads – yes, your social media will stop. But this should not be seen as a big problem!

As you have seen, after a short time, your Google Ads campaigns will start to bring results (and sales!) to your company, increasing your revenue.

That way, you’ll soon have a bigger budget to invest in other digital marketing strategies, including Facebook Ads. Even if your social networks are stopped for a while, it is possible to grow them and bring fantastic results in the future!

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