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Is The 1120 Intelbras Camera Good? The Cost-Benefit Model

1120 Intelbras Camera: Security cameras are important devices to help keep an eye on everything that happens inside and outside the house while you are away, to check what your pet is doing in your absence, or to guarantee security in business environments.

Several models are available on the market for different types of use and quite varied price ranges. For those looking for a cheaper device without sacrificing quality, let’s find out if the 1120 Intelbras camera is good and is worth the investment.

Intelbras VHD 1120

The Intelbras VHD 1120 is a very popular model due to its cost-effectiveness; you can keep an eye on everything without spending a fortune on it. The HD resolution model allows clear images and a series of capture resources to bring more security to the place. In addition, the Intelbras 1120 camera is good to place anywhere due to its simple and compact design for easy installation. Check out some of the features:

Night Vision

In order not to stay in the dark, the Intelbras VHD 1120 B G5 has infrared that allows night vision at a distance of up to 20 meters, enabling the capture of images in environments with little or no light. In addition to the HD resolution, another highlight is the opening angle for monitoring large environments of 97º horizontally and 57º vertically.

Multi-Feature OSD Menu

When the security camera is installed, a series of adjustments are required so that you can view the images well. The OSD menu lets you make these settings quickly and easily. This way, performing so-called fine image adjustments for a better experience, regardless of the installed location, is possible.


The device has an additional surge protection circuit to ensure greater durability. The Intelbras VHD 1120 is built in reinforced plastic with anti-UV protection against sunlight and IP66, certification against dust and water jets, being ideal for external environments. This way, your security camera will not be seriously damaged if exposed to the sun or rain.

Intelbras VHD 1120, According To Consumers

Many consumers praise the image quality, cost-effectiveness, and product durability. Among the most common negative highlights are the infrared malfunction in some situations and the lack of free control, as the camera only moves to one side, leading some buyers to criticize the mobility of the lens.

Is The 1120 Intelbras Camera Good?

Considering the proposal of being a cheap and efficient security camera, the 1120 Intelbras camera is good. Most consumers are satisfied with what they deliver, and image quality is also a positive point. In addition, the low price is usually the biggest attraction for those who invest in the device.

Benefits Of Having A Security Camera

Now that you know the model, let’s raise some interesting points for those still in doubt about the advantages of having a security camera, even without any serious problems. 

The simple fact of having a camera installed, either at home or in a commercial place, already causes a certain inhibition of criminals. Nowadays, there are cameras with various recording and motion functions to increase the level of surveillance.

And the vast majority already allow you to monitor from anywhere through applications, so you can leave your home or business in peace that you will have easy access through the smartphone and tablet or computer and manage to keep an eye out for suspicious movements.

And you may have heard the adage that prevention is better than cure. If something happens, you will have access to the records to resolve it quickly. But the security camera can also help you keep an eye on what happens when you are not around, whether with pets, children, older people, or your property.

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