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Artificial Intelligence In IVR: Are You Prepared?

Artificial Intelligence in IVR: Consumers want to resolve demands more quickly and easily. So, how can a company improve the quality of services efficiently?

Investing in artificial intelligence in the IVR — Audible Response Unit is a good answer. It consists of an automatic answering system widely used in call centers, in which customers are answered by a machine that provides, by voice, several alternatives for users to choose from during contact with the company.

To help you achieve more expressive results with the target audience, we will highlight how the intelligent IVR works, the implementation procedures, and the benefits this resource provides. Check out!

Know How It Works

Although it allows interaction with the user, the traditional IVR only sometimes offers an adequate solution. If it does not provide the option the user requests, it may delay the service and request human intervention, making the consumer even more impatient.

With technological advances, cognitive IVR emerged. It uses specific algorithms to convert voice into text. This allows you to manage audience data in more depth. In this way, it predicts the customer’s steps during the call and provides the necessary information, even if there are negative responses.

Despite understanding most user needs, the intelligent IVR can, depending on the circumstances, forward the demand to an attendant. This situation will only occur in more complex situations where human intervention is essential to solve the problem.

For you to better understand the operation of artificial intelligence in IVR, see the following step-by-step:

  • customer connection to the company;
  • user identification by smart IVR by telephone number;
  • question formulation for the consumer, who answers what he wants;
  • processing of information by a system that interprets it;
  • referral to the IVR of the action to be taken;
  • asking the customer whether the information given resolved the problem.

In a single request, this process can be executed several times until the call is completed, which can be done by a human attendant.

Understand How The Humanization Of The URA Is Carried Out

The first action for cognitive IVR to be adopted by a company is an investment in technology. Purchasing software that integrates the tools used in serving the target audience is necessary, such as CRMs, ERPs, etc.

The IVR must have access to the same data as the traditional attendants. In addition, the organization must have high-quality databases. Thus, the new resource will be able to forward the information to customers by converting text into speech.

For artificial intelligence in IVR to be properly implemented, companies can also acquire voice biometrics (capable of identifying the customer by speech) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), which understand what is said by participants in the conversation.

Focus On Experience

Relying on technology is a smart way to improve customer service. On the other hand, the humanization of IVR is only viable when prioritizing the customer experience. The company needs to understand the users’ communication styles. Thus, you will be better able to prepare a service script capable of easily resolving most demands.

It is essential to be careful with the language to be used. In addition to clear and objective content, attention must be paid to overly colloquial expressions. This problem can be easily avoided with a study on the persona — a customer model developed by an organization based on personal characteristics.

This measure brings the company closer to the target audience and makes it easier to interact with users. With data on age group, demographic location, gender, education level, profession and income, it is possible to create a communication model that makes the IVR more humane, intelligent and effective.

See The Advantages Provided By Artificial Intelligence In IVR

Organizations must closely monitor technological advances. Proof of this is the benefits that cognitive IVR offers. If you are considering adopting this feature, it is good to analyze the gains your business can achieve with this tool. Follow!


It is extremely unpleasant for consumers to try to speak with a company several times and fail. Another situation that could be improved is spending a long time in line waiting for assistance when you could be doing other activities.

The chances of these cases happening with the intelligent IVR are much smaller. One of the reasons is that calls are answered more quickly and accurately. The user will hardly contact the company more than once to deal with the same problem.


With less rework, connection costs are lower. The humanized IVR also enables better workforce management, reducing the number of employees and adapting to the new reality of care.

As a company has fewer employees and maintains a high level of service, it becomes more competitive and able to keep up with the main trends in the market. Good management of financial resources is essential to make new investments and carry out actions aimed at customer loyalty.

Clients Satisfaction

The simpler it is to solve a demand, the greater the customer satisfaction. This thought should be part of the routine and priorities of any organization. Therefore, companies are investing in cognitive IVR.

By easily identifying users’ requests, this feature reduces call times and gives consumers more time to attend to other commitments or have fun with friends and family. Having satisfied customers is a big step towards increasing sales.

It is undeniable that technological advances are essential for companies to face competition on equal terms. This scenario shows that artificial intelligence in IVR deserves a prominent place in the corporate world. By adopting it, an organization is attentive to the needs of users and willing to improve the quality of services.

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