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7 Facebook Marketing Ideas For Your Next Seminar

Seminars are a great way for people to meet, network, and get knowledge. When you’re hosting one, then you need to get everything planned and organized. There’s a lot you need to keep in mind, but there’s one aspect you cannot ignore, that is, the marketing. Marketing your seminar well can make all the difference in the success of these events, so you need to focus on it.

Often, seminars have the sort of audience which is more serious and older than the standard online audiences you may think of. In that case, you need to target the appropriate platforms. Facebook is an excellent platform for this purpose, and has numerous opportunities for you to promote your seminar. Here are a few ideas which will help you get off on the best foot.

Make Facebook event covers

Design a Facebook event cover, with a banner style image of your event, complete with venue, timing, and format details. This cover page should reflect what the seminar is about, and give a teaser of what the audience can expect.

However, you shouldn’t try to cram too much in just the cover image, so practice a bit of restraint. Balance the text, imagery, and blank spaces out well, so that you have an appealing cover. The templates of PosterMyWall will be a great help to you with this, as you’ll just have to customize them, and not have to worry about symmetry or balance issues.

Create a Facebook event page

This is the first thing you should do once you have the event planned out and a cover designed. Create a Facebook event, and fill in all the information needed there, such as venue, format, timing, links, and others.

Make sure you post regularly on this event page with updates about your seminar, and aspects like speaker videos, schedules, and in-event notifications. This is also where you’ll make any changes or announcements related to your seminar.

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Join relevant groups

Facebook groups are an important part of the experience. Find groups which are relevant to the topic of your seminar, and join them. This will put you in touch with a community of potential seminar attendees.

You can also share your event posts and share invites in the group. Just make sure you follow any group guidelines related to posting, so that you can remain in the group and develop a follower base there.

Send out invites

You can send out event invitations on Facebook and link to the event page as well. Send out invites to your friend lists, and also encourage confirmed attendees to share that they’re attending the event.

This will help you spread the word on Facebook, and get more noise around your event. Get your team and other speakers to share invites as well, expanding your reach even further. Design attractive images for these invites as well to really create a positive impression, and make sure you have all the relevant details included.

Target audiences with Facebook ads

You also need to explore Facebook ads to promote your event on the platform. Make a small video ad promoting your seminar, and then share it as an ad. The Facebook ad platform takes you on every step of the way when you want to publish this ad, and target audiences.

Choose the audience from a wide range of demographics and pick the relevant interests as well. This way, you’ll only be targeting people who’ll actually be interested in the event, rather than wasting money on targeting wider, more general audiences.

Share links to any online components

If you’re hosting some sessions of your webinar online, you need to make that clear on your Facebook event page. Currently, the platform only lets you choose in-person or online in the options. If your event is hybrid, then you should write up a few posts to make it clear which components are physical, and which are online.

In addition, you should share the online session links, and links to your website and the event website as well. This way, interested attendees can access more information without having to search around for it.

Have participants & speakers share the event

Like with any social media platform, influencers matter on Facebook. Have your participants and speakers share the Facebook event, and talk about attending it. In addition, if you have any prominent industry names in your seminar, you should have them make a short video and post it online on their Facebook page.

This will increase your outreach and establish the quality of your seminar as well. Share these videos on your platforms as well, so that your audience also knows that your seminar is something big in the industry.

In conclusion, there are many Facebook promotion methods for your seminar. You need to utilize the tools on the platform, and stay consistent with your posting and response times.

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