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8 Tips For Your Perfect Selfie!

The mobile phone sector shows you how to conjure perfect selfies with a like guarantee in 8 steps!

The Perfect Light

Lighting is the be-all and end-all of a perfect selfie! Your selfie looks best in daylight because too much light from above promotes unwanted circles under the eyes – too little light and the whole selfie is too dark. You should also not use the camera flash. You get a great result if you position yourself next to a window at a 45-degree angle to the light – this way, you avoid unsightly shadows on your face, and your skin looks more even. Outdoor shots are particularly beautiful in partial shade on a sunny day.

The Composition

“Two-thirds face, one-third rest” is the magic formula for a perfect selfie, immediately making your picture more interesting. Position your face in the selfie, e.g., B., in the left two-thirds of the picture and let the background work in the last third. It doesn’t matter if you divide thirds from right to left or top to bottom. Do you also want to put your friends on the selfie?

The Point Of View

The position of the camera also plays a major role. A selfie perspective from above is particularly advantageous. To do this, lift your head slightly and look at the camera. This will make both your body and your face look slim. Another advantage: the danger of a double chin, which everyone fears, is minimized in selfies. However, ensure that the chosen perspective does not allow too many insights.

The Facial Expressions

Your facial expression is also important for your perfect selfie. First, consider what you want to express with your selfie: coolness, relaxation, or a good mood. Experiment with your facial expressions and gaze and discover what you like best in your selfies – you’ll soon find your chocolate side. But make sure not to look at your smartphone’s display but directly into the camera lens. This is how you look the viewer of your selfie straight in the eyes.

The Background

You, too, must have seen a lot of “bathroom selfies.” But: shampoo bottles, deodorant, and toothbrushes are not exactly the most beautiful background for the perfect selfie! A guarantee for a good selfie is, therefore, a simple background, such as a single-colored wall. But natural backgrounds such as meadows, trees, and flowers always look good. But beware: you should not overdo it. Dangerous backgrounds like cliffs or train tracks are very dangerous. Taking a great selfie is not worth exposing yourself to this danger! Places such as hospitals, memorials, or crisis areas are not the right background for a selfie. Anyone who shoots a Seflie there is just being disrespectful!

Mirror, Mirror?

The “mirror selfie” is just as disadvantageous as the “bathroom selfie”: Smartphones may look chic, but they shouldn’t be the focus of your perfect selfie – and they are always visible in a mirror selfie. It is better to use the front camera of your smartphone for your selfie so that you can check the detail, the composition, and the incidence of light on the display again.

Filters And Editing

Post-processing can also be crucial for the perfect selfie. Feel free to be creative and try a few things because everything is possible, from small corrections to the craziest filters! It’s best to start by tweaking the brightness and color intensity and then move on to the crazier stuff.

Practice Makes The Selfie Master

After a few test selfies, you will probably already know ​​how to stage yourself particularly well in selfies. However, the most important thing about taking selfies is always that you have a lot of fun! Be creative, let off steam, and enjoy the funny results. So, what are you waiting for? On the selfies, get set, GO!

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