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Is It Still Worth Doing Live On Instagram?

If you’ve been on social media for the past year, you’ve undoubtedly watched some live on Instagram. Different entrepreneurs widely used this tool to talk about trends, the market, and especially communication with their customers.

But the Instagram live, over the months, was losing some fans, as the public started to get a little saturated with this type of content. And now? Is it still worth doing live on Instagram? To answer this, we prepared this text with the following points:

  • what is life on Instagram
  • How to use this tool
  • What benefits does this tool offer?
  • How to make money doing lives
  • Is it worth doing lives yet?
  • Live ideas to sell more

Take advantage of each of these topics and learn how to transform your digital presence, delight consumers, and increase your sales.

What Is Live On Instagram?

The live option on Instagram was launched in 2016; it has been an ally for different entrepreneurs to move their profiles on the social network.  With live streaming, this tool has undergone further updates over the years, making it easier to reach and making its use more dynamic.

Today, it is possible to unite up to 4 participants in the same broadcast, perfect for bringing together entrepreneurs, consumers, or even suppliers in the same conversation. In this sense, the tool allows users to comment, share and interact dynamically.

In addition, you can use filters and also project images during the conversation from your cell phone’s photo album. Thus, live on Instagram has become essential to transforming communications on social networks, ensuring a more fabulous digital presence.

How To Live On Instagram?

The process is simple to do life on Instagram: have a cell phone with internet access and an account on this social network. As users are increasingly discerning when it comes to accessing lives, you need to follow some paths before starting your broadcasts. Are they:

  • make a plan
  • Use a calendar to hold lives
  • See the best times to stream live
  • Invite interesting profiles that relate to your business
  • Create a roadmap to guide your lives
  • Interact with your customers who participate in the comments

From there, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Click on stories (top left)
  3. Find the “Live” option
  4. Add a title (if you prefer)
  5. Click on the ball to start 
  6. Finally, end the transmission

It is worth noting that Instagram lives can be made up to 4 hours long and allow them to be saved to the profile after closing. Therefore, besides being a live material, great for interacting with your consumers, this tool is ideal for producing good content. Get to know some benefits that can be achieved by doing live on your business’s Instagram. 

What Benefits Does This Tool Offer? 

By doing live on Instagram, you entrepreneurs can achieve different benefits for your company. This is because Instagram users are looking for engaging and differentiated content, which lives can present dynamically.

In addition, the lives will provide for your profile:

  • Increase engagement for your Instagram
  • Ensures the most intimate relationship with your customers
  • Facilitates communication about your products and services
  • Offers low running costs
  • Generate leads for your business

With these benefits, the chances of your business growing and gaining loyal customers for your business are even more significant. It is worth taking advantage of this tool to position your brand in the market with relevant content to your customers. Therefore, remember to know very well what your consumer is looking for, offering content that relates to your products and customer pains.

After All, Is Doing Live On Instagram Still Worth It?

The answer is definitely yes! Going live on Instagram right now can be perfect for moving your followers and sales. Although this tool has been tried out a lot by social network users in 2020 and early 2021, you can surprise your followers.  How about offering weekly lives, presenting your products, or talking to customers about the shopping experience? 

That is, this example can be the perfect way to secure new followers and present your products in the best way. In addition, you can earn profit from lives, whether by monetizing or offering new products.  Therefore, use the tool strategically and plan, thinking about how these actions can influence your growth. Get to know some examples of what to do in your lives.

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