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8 Efficient And Free Apps For Image Editing

Editing Apps: Choosing a good image is just the beginning of the process of creating a good post. After selecting the appropriate image, you must edit it to make it even more appealing to your audience!

And it is in this editing stage that the apps on this list and many others enter. Among all the resources used by professional designers to create their images, we can mention  Adobe Photoshop as the primary tool for editing and creating images. It gives you the ability to retouch images, edit them, and create excellent illustrations that catch your audience’s attention.

However, its high cost and complexity of use make using this tool not so accessible. That’s why we’ve separated a list of 8 free alternatives to Photoshop that will help you create unique images!


With a simple and easy-to-use interface, this web-based editor is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create unique images! It lets you add overlays, textures, and themes to your artwork, as well as retouch your photos, using a wide range of tools. PicMonkey is an ideal tool for creating images for your blog, editing photos and creating incredible artwork.

Photo Lab

If you want to create more fun images with attractive visual effects, Photo Lab is the ideal app for you. With more than 500 effects available, Photo Lab allows you to add filters frames and create montages, all arranged in a simple and easy-to-use interface. Available for  Android and iOS for iPhone, this app is an excellent alternative for editing images on mobile devices.


PIXLR is a web-based image editor used on cell phones, tablets, and computers. Its interface is very similar to Photoshop’s, which can be very pleasing to those who like the program but cannot afford to use it. The free version of PIXLR lets you work with layers, overlays, and borders. Plus, it offers filters, stamps, stickers, styling effects, and finishing tools, all to help you create eye-catching pieces for your next project.


Aimed at creating illustrations, Sumo-Paint is an excellent application for creating images. It works as a web-based app or on your computer; At the same time, the other items on this list are great alternatives to Photoshop; this item, in particular, might be considered the best alternative to  Adobe Illustrator.

Photo Editor By Aviary

This is an excellent app for basic image editing like cropping, filters, and retouching. In addition, it also features several options for frames and stickers. Available on both  Android and iOS, Photo Editor is an excellent tool for making simple edits but with excellent quality.

Panorama 360

If you’re looking for a way to take your visual content to the next level, you should try Panorama 360. With it, you can create panoramic images in 360 degrees and even allow you to share them on your social networks or with more than 4 million users registered in the application. In addition, Panorama 360 offers unique tools such as 3D effects, geotagging, and the ability to add sound to images. This app is available for  Android and iOS.


Canvas is an excellent tool for creating artwork without needing a lot of design knowledge . Despite being relatively new (the launch of its beta version was at the end of 2013), it already has more than one million users. This app runs on both the web and the iPad and allows you to make a series of edits in a simple, drag-and-drop fashion.

This app features several unique details that are very helpful in editing images for non-designers, such as preventing images from being enlarged out of proportion and automatically adjusting the text size according to what is typed.

It is an excellent choice for those who want to create pieces with a perfect finish, even without having many skills. You might also want to check a tutorial in English that will help you use this fantastic tool.


Currently the ninth most popular app on the App Store,  Fotor lets you do image editing, collages, and even create cards!

Simple to use but with several built-in tools, Fotor is an excellent alternative for beginners and professional designers who create fantastic images. In addition, this app allows editing multiple photos at the same time. Fotor has, in addition to the web version, mobile applications available for iOS and  Android.

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