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Facebook Page Or Website? The Pros And Cons

Faced with the exponential development of social networks of all kinds, one can legitimately ask the role and future of the showcase site for a company? It is undoubtedly more and more challenging to stand out as a showcase website, but this tool nevertheless remains essential in the digital strategy of a brand or a company. Your online reputation and visibility depend on the coordinated and parallel use of social networks and your showcase site, the true flagship of your online presence.

Are The Showcase Sites Outdated?

Faced with the difficulty of ranking well in Google’s search results and the apparent power of social networks, many companies are asking themselves the question of the relevance of keeping a showcase site. The presence on social networks can also seem more economical: no site creation and little or no technical maintenance.

But when we analyze the current digital market a little more in-depth, we realize that this vision is biased and certainly a little false. Social network algorithms increasingly force paid advertising to be visible and gain an audience when a showcase site can rely on natural and free SEO to attract visitors.

In addition, the consumer remains committed to verifying the identity and seriousness of a brand. If you are a national or international leader, no problem, notoriety is enough to convince the buyer on social networks. But in most cases, the consumer likes to go to the company’s website to get an idea of ​​its seriousness and its quality of service.

Finally, social networks are third-party platforms on which you can rarely control what is said, what information is relayed, how your competitors interact, etc. While you fully maintain your speech and your communication on your showcase website.

The Advantages Of A Showcase Site

Compared to a social network, a showcase website has significant advantages, which you should try to exploit:


All social media pages look the same while you can fine-tune each page of your business website. Personalizing your site is not only putting it in your colors and your identity, but it is also improving the user experience and optimizing conversion.

Better Control Of Data: 

Even if social networks provide you with data on the acquisition of your audience, it will not be like a website where you control all the raw data. You can thus finely analyze which pages are performing well and why the essential keywords of your audience and the conversion rates of your calls to action.


You don’t know the future of a social media platform. These can be fashionable, then disappear and even decide to close certain pages for this or that reason. You own your domain with a showcase site: you are at home and not just a tenant. This is important if you take a long-term perspective to ensure the sustainability of your online visibility.

Favor The Symbiosis Between Social Networks And Showcase Website

Of course, you should not favor an exclusive tool. The best digital strategy you can adapt and work together between presence on social networks and developing a professional and attractive showcase website.

Social networks can be used as a relatively effective means of acquiring traffic to your website. The implementation of call to action buttons such as “Learn more”, “Contact us”, “Register” on appropriate networks (depending on your activity, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn) are good ways to capture address mail from prospects that you can then redirect to your website via targeted emails. With their more accessible tone and more unbridled creativity, social networks are an excellent way to generate interest in your brand among various targets and people who don’t know you.

Finally, by publishing quality informative content on social networks, you attract more visitors to your showcase website. Make sure, for example, that your content responds to consumer issues. This type of content is often widely shared because it is perceived as applicable and will make your business known to new people. As for your showcase website, it must reflect your know-how, your seriousness and the relevance of your solutions.

It must present your products and services in detail and provide confidence and a reassuring brand image for the consumer. Its production must meet precise specifications, and its development must be meticulous in offering a quality user experience and an idea worthy of your company.

To be effective, your presence on social networks and your showcase website must be complementary. They must be designed and coordinated as part of an overall digital strategy plan to target the roles of each of the tools and thus make the most of them.

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