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How To Make Money With YouTube And Blog?

YouTube: Social networks have become a tool beyond the entertainment function; they serve as a work environment for thousands of people.

The growth of these platforms made it possible to turn them into something profitable, allowing many individuals to choose this career to dedicate themselves to. The most used way to make money on the internet is by creating content on YouTube and blog, two platforms that, working together, achieve a lot of engagement. Because of this, we will talk a little about how to make money with blogs and YouTube.

Some people may be wary of blogging these days; however, according to a report by Finances Online, country is13th in the proportion of blog posts and population size. This shows that there is room for those looking to succeed in this area. 

Being an older platform, YouTube can also generate doubts in individuals regarding its use. But it has more than two billion users, which shows its strength.

How To Make Money With Blog And YouTube: YouTube

It is common for content creators, whether beginners or not, to doubt what they need to do to make money from YouTube. Knowing this, we will show you what the requirements are to be able to be monetized.

How To Make Money With Blog And YouTube: Step 1

The first and most crucial step for earning money on this platform is to have a YouTube channel. To do this, enter the website or app and create your account.

How To Make Money With Blog And YouTube: Step 2

After that, you need to get 1,000 subscribers and have 4,000 hours watched in the last year. With this, it is not enough to have a channel; it must be active for at least 12 months and successfully reach these goals related to engagement.

How To Make Money With Blog And YouTube: Step 3

In addition, it is also necessary to follow the monetization policies and have an account on Google AdSense, You tube’s partner platform. These are the requirements you need to understand how to make money from YouTube.

The critical thing to achieve monetization on this social network is good engagement. Therefore, you must create good and frequent content to build a good audience and fit the requirements.

How To Make Money With Blog And YouTube: The Blog

To obtain revenue, it is essential to have a good blog.

Step 1: Platform

You can use WordPress to create the site and publish it. It is essential that, during the creation, you choose a post theme and a visual identity so that people have in mind what your content will be about.

Step 2: Engagement

Once you start to post frequency and get a good number of readers that generates good engagement numbers, you can start thinking about making money with your blog.

Step 3: Monetization

There are several ways to monetize through the blog, but the most common is through ads, branding, and paid content creation.

Option 1

The first option is to have an account on an ad platform, such as Google AdSense, so that they place the ads on your site. With this, you earn by the number of people who saw the advertising on your site.

Option 2

The second alternative is to create specific content to promote a brand’s products and services. For example, you write a text about country most consumed Japanese foods to promote a Japanese cuisine restaurant.

Option 3

The other possibility is creating specific content for those who pay a monthly fee to encourage their work. In addition to developing general publications, you make unique and different posts for your subscribers.

How To Boost Blog And YouTube Channel

Once you captivate the audience and have good engagement, it’s easy to monetize your work. However, it isn’t easy to leverage your content, especially in the beginning. With that in mind, we will give you some tips to boost your blog and YouTube.

If The

A significant factor is the use of SEO, and search engine optimization resources, which improve the position of your website and YouTube channel on search pages through a set of strategies, making your content more easily found. For people. Using this, more people will discover your content organically, improving your engagement.


It is also essential to follow the trends of the time; this will make more people get to know your content, as it will be part of what is on the rise. On YouTube, educational content has worked most, such as tutorials. In blogs, fashion is the longer texts, which according to a report , are performing better.


In addition, multimedia integration has been the differential for those who want to boost their work. Making your followers navigate between your blog and YouTube content is a great way to improve your performance on both platforms and encourage people to discover your other jobs.

A company that does this transition between media very well , which has a blog and a YouTube channel to help people improve their online business performance. By publishing a video on YouTube on a particular topic, the track encourages subscribers to access the blog to understand more about the case and vice versa. This creates more traffic between YouTube and the blog.

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