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Technologies That Are Changing The Cybersecurity Outlook

The area of ​​cybersecurity has faced increasing challenges. With criminal organizations increasing the sophistication and diversity of forms of attacks, institutions need to have the tools to protect themselves.

Fortunately, evolution is not one-sided. Governments, users, and information security professionals are attentive to the issue, seeking better solutions, and there are good prospects. For example, in this text, we separate five technologies that are changing the cybersecurity landscape. Not all of them are new, but they have been used innovatively to tackle cybercrime.

By carefully following a series of new developments that are expected to substantially impact the information technology (IT) security industry in the coming year, it is possible to explain a little about each of them. 

Blockchain For Cybersecurity

Known for being the technology behind bitcoin, blockchain has provided many opportunities. In the field of cybersecurity, it is still in its infancy. But soon, it should be responsible for many news in the sector.

Since it records all activity permanently and transparently for the entire network, the blockchain makes it possible to see when a new user tries to access files they had never accessed before. This can make it easier to see anomalies, as they will be recorded in the information blocks of the chain.

Artificial Intelligence

Due to its high processing capacity, artificial intelligence has been a great ally in the search for breaking patterns in networks. The speed with which they can scan the system is infinitely greater than human capacity, which helps detect unknown events and stop them from continuing before they escalate.

This technology still tends to grow a lot, especially with the possibility of machines expanding their learning continuously, depending less on the input of the information by humans.

Machine Learning And The Development Of Information Security

Machine learning promises to be the missing icing on the artificial intelligence cake. With their learning ability no longer dependent on one person, machines can quickly learn new patterns and more intuitively identify malicious changes in the network.

Despite being in focus for a while, the concept of machine learning is nothing new. However, it is only today that it finds the technological possibilities to develop more fully and create new options for different areas. And, of course, that includes cybersecurity.

Cloud Computing

In addition to representing an investment saving and offering more options when it comes to scalability, cloud computing also provides more security than physical data centers. Of course, it is necessary to remember that at the end of the day, your data will be, yes, somewhere in the world, stored in a physical space. However, because it’s a place designed for that, it will have a security structure superior to what your organization can probably offer.

In addition, cloud services offer plans with automatic backups and control network security at all times. Even remediation, if necessary, is done much faster in the cloud.


What if, despite all the precautions, your organization has a data breach? In this case, encryption provides a last and essential barrier of protection. Without the encryption key, your information remains unreadable. This technology has significantly changed the financial market. Some examples of its use are tokens and encryption of credit card data in online purchases. Today, even instant messaging and social networks rely on this technology. Are you familiar with the technologies changing the cybersecurity landscape but don’t know where to start?

When it comes to data security, the more solutions you use, the better. The various technologies ensure more layers of protection and bring more robustness to the network. But, if you still need to outline a plan for information security in your company from the beginning.

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