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Twitter For Business: Is It Worth It?

With the advent of technology, digital presence has become essential, and one way to ensure this is Twitter for businesses.

Most consumers are on social networks and access these pages every day, looking for information, people, brands, services, and products. In addition, the digital medium has become one of the most effective means of dissemination, ensuring highly successful marketing campaigns, especially among younger people.

Twitter, in turn, is a network made for everyone, in which it is possible to find different types of people with other interests and desires. Below, learn what Twitter for companies is, how to create your account on the social network, how this social network works, and the advantages of Twitter for companies.

What Is Twitter For Business?

Just as there are Facebook for companies and Instagram for companies, the bluebird social network also created its version for Business. But what is Twitter for companies anyway? Like the social network itself, this is a microblog that allows texts up to 280 characters, small texts of up to 3 lines containing any information.

However, the difference between regular Twitter and its version for companies is the type of account created. That’s because Twitter uses a corporate account for companies, which allows the user some benefits that will help your business.

An example of corporate Twitter’s advantage is that the user can publish a more significant number of tweets and messages per day. While the limit of posts for a regular account is 2,400 per day, with half-hour intervals, those of the corporate budget are almost 3,000 and with shorter intervals. Also, restrictions for following users are lower, among other limits.

All these actions allow Twitter users for businesses to attract a more significant number of followers and ensure a digital presence.

How Do You Create A Twitter For Companies?

To create a Twitter for companies, follow the steps:

Step 1: Create Your Corporate Account

The first step is to create an account on the social network, and for this, the user will enter the Twitter for companies website and register. Account creation is similar to a regular account. However, some additional information will be required. After filling in your information, click “Enter” and wait for the platform to process your data.

Step 2 – Create Your @

Next, the company will define your name on the social network and how users will find you on Twitter. Ideally, the company uses its name, which will be appended with an @. If the company name is too long, try to abbreviate it or put it as the public knows it.

3rd Step – Profile Photo

Once you’ve determined your Twitter name for businesses, you must choose a profile picture. The Photo is recommended to be the brand logo or an image that defines who they are. For example, in recent years, Magazine Luiza has been known for its avatar, MagaLu. Therefore, the store chose to use a photo of the avatar on its social networks instead of its logo.

Step 4: Create Your Bio

The bio describes your company, which should be brief and objective. Twitter for Business allows its users to create text with 160 characters, about a line and a half. It is recommended that companies use a buy link or something similar in their platform bio.

Step 5: Add A Cover Image

Next, the user must define their cover image, which will serve as a billboard for their company on Twitter. In addition, this step is part of creating a visual identity for your brand on the social network, so bet on an image that relates to your profile picture, whether in color, patterns, or other details.

Step 6: Pin A Tweet

The last step is to set a tweet to be pinned to the top of your timeline. Click “more” on the tweet you want to choose and then click “Pin to your profile page.”

How Does Twitter Work For Businesses?

Twitter for Business works similarly to regular social media accounts. However, it does allow users to post a more significant number of tweets per day, with a smaller gap between them, allowing the user to follow more than 400 people per day and being easier to adopt digital marketing strategies.

In addition to allowing some more functions on the microblog itself, Twitter for companies has an Ads system, which is a segmentation tool, making it easier for the user to find their niche within the social network.

The company will create a corporate Twitter account, configure it according to its brand and start publishing. The secret to success on this social network is the number of publications and their pace because Twitter is a dynamic social network, where things happen quickly, and people interact daily.

Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the news and publish them firsthand, creating relevance within the platform. In addition, the use of resources such as images and videos helps to bring the public closer.

Thus, it is possible to say that Twitter for companies works as follows: the company creates its corporate account on the platform, applies its visual identity, and starts to publicize its services through tweets and social network Ads.

In addition, she begins to follow influential people and show the public her presence in that environment. It is necessary to create constant actions to develop dynamism and relevance on Twitter. These actions, however, must be organized and linked to digital marketing strategies to attract the public to your page.

Advantages Of Using Twitter

There are some clear advantages to using Twitter for Business, which even outweigh the benefits of other social networks. The first is the possibility of finding my niche, as not all social networks have different types of users; for example, newer networks are attractive to a younger audience but not to older ones.

Therefore, if your target audience is people over 40, finding them on the social network of the videos is lower than on Twitter. The bluebird network allows all types of publications, whether photos, videos, and text, dynamically and on all topics. It is possible to share trivia, news, and even opinions, attracting different people.

In addition, the dynamism of social network publications allows the brand to invest in more than one niche simultaneously. Another point is that posts tend to reach your audience faster, ensuring they see your product and brand before anyone else.

Another point, clarified by Twitter itself, is in the interest of its public in discoveries. According to the network, they are the number 1 discovery platform globally; that is, people discover products, services, and brands, among others, first on Twitter. In addition, 79% of network users are interested in discoveries, so more than half of the users are looking for news. The data also shows that 53% of Twitter users are the first to buy and consume new products and that 26% of them spend their day viewing ads on the platform.

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