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How To Use LinkedIn To Prospect Clients

LinkedIn is the social network of the moment for those who want to build relationships. In addition to being the largest professional social network in the world, it plays a strategic role in companies and employees who work with sales.

This network makes it possible to make connections, show your resume, skills, and competencies, and seek candidates for your vacancy and prospect clients. LinkedIn started as a simple job showcase; today, it is an essential tool for business.

The Evolution Of LinkedIn

The site started just for networking and today has more than 30 million population. Companies publish content and vacancies, recruiters select employees, and salespeople prospect clients. The four current fronts of LinkedIn are:

  • Recruit employees whether or not they are looking for a new job
  • Help candidates actively find employment
  • Finding potential customers for the sales team
  • Share and consume content that interests you

Also, according to the study carried out by Opinion Box, 65% of respondents consider that LinkedIn content is relevant to professional growth. Therefore, if your potential lead is on LinkedIn consuming information, you should also be there to show your company’s solutions.

The following topic will show you how to use LinkedIn to prospect for clients.

How To Use LinkedIn To Prospect Clients

To sell better, you need to know the tools and features of the social network. What is the best sales strategy? We separate some tips on how to use LinkedIn to prospect clients.

1- Interact With The Network

LinkedIn was made for networking. So like, share, and comment on your connection’s posts. That way, you appear to your potential customers in addition to generating engagement.

If the lead is engaged with your publication, get in touch by identifying yourself and showing the magazine, along with other solutions. This active prospecting approach can result in a meeting or an appointment.

2- Use InMail

InMail is ideal for anyone who wants to connect with contacts who don’t have a connection. You can interact with him through this tool if he looks like a potential customer.

  • It is effective because:
  • It looks like a personal email
  • It’s a simple approach
  • It is adaptable to different prospecting cases
  • Piques the interest of the person

3- Use The Advanced Search

LinkedIn’s advanced search has several filters that can be used when looking for potential clients. Filter people by information such as company, title, position, location, and more.

4- Post Relevant Content

Share material produced by you or your company, showing solutions to customer needs. That way, you can reach people looking for exactly what you offer and engage with likes, comments, or shares.

When you detect them, start the conversation by offering rich material or more information.

5- Send A Message Thanking You For The Connection

Added a prospect? Talk to him first, thanking him for having you in his network. In addition to education, it shows enthusiasm when selling in the future. It is essential to personalize the message since LinkedIn is a social network that provides information about its users. Take the opportunity to use potential customer data to create personalized content and ensure qualified leads.

6- Join Targeted Groups

By joining groups, you can chat with prospects in the industry you’re interested in. Therefore, search for groups that are related to your client’s persona. Afterward, evaluate the level of engagement: if you have comments and a suitable frequency of posts, for example. Identify if there is sales potential and actively participate. 

7- Respect Privacy

As much as the seller’s goal is to do business, it is essential to remember that it is a social network made of people, and being invasive is not cool. Therefore, the guideline is to let the conversation flow without any pressure. Your brand could suffer if the seller offers solutions for new connections immediately.

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