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Technology Trends For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How about adopting the main technology trends in the market to stay ahead of the competition and optimize your digital marketing strategy?

Being on top of what is happening in the market and using these innovations is essential for growth. Bet on new technologies to create effective planning and succeed with your company.

Every day, technology advances, and the way it is used changes. For this reason, it is always necessary to be attentive and study a lot on the subject. Missing out on any of these applications means falling behind in the market, and you certainly don’t want that! Meet and take it to your business! From automation and management tools to digital content tips, Sabra has prepared a list of the main trends to follow.

Big Data

With Big Data technology, it is possible to collect, organize and plan consumer data. For example, this collection can be done by specialized companies or not through forms and registrations. The most relevant information generated from this strategy is names, ages, gender, e-mail address, profession, social class, and others. From this data, it is possible to create an efficient digital marketing plan. This is because the data helps direct marketing actions in the most powerful way possible.

Voice Command

This strategy consists of changing searches made by text to voice commands. This is a trend that has been spreading around the world. Mechanisms in smartphones, such as Siri for Apple’s iOS system, are famous examples. If you want your company to be on top of technology trends, try to adapt your website and e-commerce pages, for example, for voice searches. An excellent example of using this technology is Amazon’s Alexa. A virtual assistant performs a series of actions through voice commands.

Relationship Chatbots

Chatbots are widely used, especially by companies, to help with customer relationships. They are robots programmed to serve the public and answer their leading questions. They are found on various websites and e-commerce platforms and use language miming human interaction. This contact happens directly and optimizes operating time since a person would be doing this work. As a result, the public feels close and confident in the company. This type of interaction is widely used in instant messaging services, such as Messenger on Facebook and Instagram, in addition to WhatsApp. In them, companies create a script of answers to possible questions that users ask in the chat. They are also often associated with mascots and virtual characters of companies, which is quite common today. This way, customers feel like they are talking to a representative.

Process Automation In Digital Marketing

There are essential automation tools for marketing strategies. For example, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is already widely used by companies in different niches. It is a customer relationship management tool used to automate public contact functions. In addition, e-mail and instant messaging tools are used. All this is to optimize processes and automate work, saving time and money invested. With automation, you can specify and schedule actions within your marketing strategy. This helps a lot in maintaining customer relationships and nurturing leads. Among the tools available on the market today is the CRM RD Station. Among other actions, it promotes integration with forms to capture leads for the company,

Invest In Content Marketing

Increasingly, companies use content marketing strategies to advertise their products and services. This strategy attracts the consumer by generating valuable content within the market niche worked on. It also strengthens the relationship and communication between the brand and the public, in addition to creating relevant content that is much more interesting to consumers today. Many companies bet on blog content, video, e-books, podcasts, booklets, and other possibilities to publicize their business.

These media enable more intelligent information consumption, adding value to the user. Based on this marketing work, the company can consolidate its image and create a relationship of trust with its customers. In addition, it becomes a reference in its niche. This strategy is very present in our market and can be applied in any segment. It is essential to have excellent research in this area, knowledge of the public, persona, and competition. From this study, it is possible to build a plan with actions and the generation of rich content for your brand. Finally, use social media to disseminate your materials and reach a large audience.

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