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WhatsApp Pay For Business: Is It Safe? How To Use It?

To make life easier for its users, WhatsApp Pay is a tool that was already available and created to make it possible to carry out banking transactions through the WhatsApp application itself.

The news caused considerable euphoria, considering that WhatsApp is one of the most popular social networks in the country and already has more than 120 million users. In this article, we will tell you how this device works and all its advantages. Good reading!

What Is WhatsApp Pay?

WhatsApp Pay is a new payment method carried out directly through the WhatsApp application. In this way, companies and individuals can receive and send money through the app through Facebook Pay.

The new modality is very simple: add the phone number registered on WhatsApp, add a debit or credit card from a Facebook Pay partner company and define a numeric password (PIN) with six digits.

What Are The Benefits Of WhatsApp Pay For Businesses?

We can say that WhatsApp Pay is an excellent resource for businesses, tiny businesses. It is a perfect novelty as it is more than an application for exchanging messages.

WhatsApp Business has already come with a great innovation by allowing brands to publish their product catalogs in the contact window. Now, the user can also make purchases and payments in the same place.

Small businesses starting in e-commerce are another opportunity to win customers, generate sales, and expand their business without investing in their own website.

Is It Possible To Have More Than One Registered Account?

Yes, WhatsApp Pay allows you to register more than one account. So, if you have a card, you can use both to send and receive money. When making the transfer, the application approves the choice of which account to use.

How To Make Payments Through WhatsApp Pay?

To make a payment via WhatsApp, you need to go through the following stages:

  1. Choose a conversation in the app, tap the paper clip icon and choose the “Payment” option;
  2. Add the value and define the card that will be used;
  3. Tap on the “Pay” option to confirm the transaction and enter your Facebook Pay PIN;

It is important to emphasize that, before these practical actions, it is essential to register for Facebook Pay to receive the money.

However, through Facebook Pay, it is also possible to register a card directly on WhatsApp. It works like this:

  1. Select a conversation, tap the paperclip icon and then tap “Payment”;
  2. Add the value and click the arrow icon;
  3. Click “Continue” to approve the WhatsApp and Facebook terms;
  4. Create a six-digit PIN for Facebook Pay, and re-enter it to confirm;
  5. Enter your CPF and full name;
  6. Add all the information of a debit or credit card belonging to one of the partner banks and go to the Add Card option;
  7. Define how you want your card to be verified: via a code via SMS, email, or banking application;
  8. Enter the code received and click “OK”;

How To Receive Payments Through WhatsApp Pay?

Micro and small businesses can accept payments through WhatsApp Business with processing.

There are no monthly fees, fixed fees, and no need to buy or rent machines. Follow the step by step:

  1. In the WhatsApp Business app, go to the Menu option and then click Payments;
  2. Click on Facebook Pay, go to “Receive payments for sales,” and “Continue”;
  3. Then, click Continue again to authorize the terms of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Cielo;
  4. Open an account at Cielo informing the company name, CPF or CNPJ. It will also be necessary to notify the personal data and address of the person responsible for the business, such as name, CPF, email, and date of birth;
  5. Add all banking information such as the bank, branch, and account;
  6. In up to 3 business days, the account analysis is carried out so that you can receive money through WhatsApp;

Is It Safe To Use WhatsApp Pay?

Payment data is passed on to financial institutions, and transactions are not fully encrypted.

WhatsApp guarantees that it archives the information provided by users with complete security, and all data provided is encrypted between the user’s cell phone and the application’s servers.

In addition, Facebook advises that information such as Facebook Pay PIN, WhatsApp confirmation code, and verification codes should be kept private.

For even more excellent protection, two-stage confirmation can also be considered, as well as biometric or facial recognition done when opening the app.

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