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Five Useful iPhone (iOS) Apps That Few People Know

Free apps add extra functions to the iPhone but are still unpopular with users; checklist. The iPhone ( iOS ) apps that are very useful but little known by users.

For example, Apple’s cell phone can turn into a complete recording studio or a video editor to create fun clips. The smartphone also has a service for producing augmented reality experiences and even a tool for mapping the interior of establishments.

In addition, Apple offers a Shortcuts app with more than 300 built-in actions and facilitates various activities. Next, experts have selected five little-known iPhone apps that have handy features. Please take the opportunity to download it on your cell phone.

GarageBand turns your smartphone or iPad into not just a musical instrument but a complete recording studio. For example, you can play musical instruments on the Multi-Touch keyboard, create drum machine-inspired grooves with the Beat Sequencer, or use Smart Strings to play a string orchestra.

One of the highlights of this iPhone app is the Live Loops. The feature allows you to play, edit and organize musical ideas in real-time, just like a DJ. In addition, you can download various sound packs and remixes to make your creations even more original.

GarageBand’s interface can seem a little confusing due to the variety of features for those who don’t know how to play any instrument or are just starting to learn. However, it is a complete tool for recording and arranging music.


The Shortcuts app helps optimize everyday tasks and makes the user’s life easier in different ways. So it is worth downloading it on iPhone. The service has more than 300 actions integrated with other iOS applications, such as Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Camera, and Safari. Shortcuts can be used with just one tap, from widgets, Search, or asking Siri.

Among the tool’s features is the possibility to get itineraries for home, make photo montages, listen to the news, and create animated GIFs or PDFs. It is also possible to create custom shortcuts according to the needs of each one.

Clips Apple Clips makes it easy to create fun videos on iPhone. The app has an intuitive interface and offers a variety of features. You can record vertically or horizontally from simple commands, add photos and videos from your library, and even connect a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, or trackpad for quick edits.

One of the highlights of Clips is the effects and camera animations, which allow you to use augmented reality and even the Emojis created in the Messages app. You can even add texts, stickers, emojis, and music from your library to the video. Another helpful tool is the creation of real-time, automatically generated subtitles.

Interior Mapping

This is one of the lesser-known Apple apps. With it, establishment owners can map the internal spaces of their companies. To do this, walk around the place with your iPhone. You can then add this information to the Apple Maps app — but first, you need to register for the Indoor Maps Program. The app is simple but functional, especially for prominent locations such as malls and airports.

Reality Composer Reality Composer is geared toward producing augmented reality experiences. The app promises to make anyone capable of creating 3D prototypes and content. For this, Reality Composer offers a variety of features and a complete library of virtual objects, which can be customized. It is also possible to import your files to enrich 3D content and create an augmented reality scene.

The app even lets you add animations to virtual objects. It is also possible to include spatial audio in the project and configure when it should be played according to users’ movement. Finally, Reality Composer makes it possible to save the scene, share it or integrate it into a project in XCode.

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