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Digital Transformation: The Complete Guide For Businesses

Digital transformation may seem a somewhat exaggerated term and far from our present. However, it is already a reality in our lives.

Considering the social, professional or family spheres, it is increasingly difficult to ignore the cultural and behavioral consequences technology has brought to the modern world.

Communication channels are becoming increasingly easy to access and use, allowing the participation of an unlimited number of people who, in real-time, demand immediate and continuous information. 

On the other hand, it is possible to manage the receipt of this information by giving an active opinion through one of the available channels.

Businesses, of course, find themselves in the middle of this stream. Relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and other partners are changing, as are the sectors within the organization itself.

Departments, once just operational, are beginning to receive attention for their strategic ability to drive results, improving the customer-focused experience.

Companies have a decisive role in digital transformation, as we will see throughout the text, requiring a more responsible and committed vision about this topic.

Therefore, this text will cover everything you need to know about digital transformation. Good reading!

What Is Digital Transformation?

With the emergence of the internet and new technologies, how we interact in society has changed, and companies have noticed a change in how they do business.

This became clear with the emergence of a real challenge: establishing new notions of work and planning since those previously adopted could no longer meet the current demand. 

The process, so intense and reaching so many internal pillars, is worthy of a transformation, the digital transformation. Those companies that could adapt and get ahead began to show better results, with more satisfactory performance.

This is because, in its internal structure, there were changes in strategic management, which began to bring technology to a central environment in the decisions and actions taken.

Of course, for any company, the process is time-consuming. Reshaping the entire internal working set is not a process that could happen immediately. But, without a doubt, the effort pays off later.

The need for specialized training and investment in IT makes reaching the higher level of transition maturity take longer.

What cannot be denied is that digital transformation is a new moment from which one cannot escape. In other words, companies that don’t start working now will be left behind. We will understand more about the reasons for this throughout this text.

Impact Of Digital Transformation On Companies

Digital transformation has radically changed people’s lives in recent years. In a short time, for example, the cell phone, whose main functions are calls and sending SMS, already delivers a variety of actions, such as taking high-quality photos and videos, video calls, audio, internet access, games, and food delivery, among hundreds of other options.

In addition to this real impact on the lives of ordinary people in their everyday routines, there is an even greater shock when we talk about the business market.

New technologies have revolutionized products, strategies and business models with the speed of a hurricane. Several things became obsolete overnight.

Just think, for example, of digital cameras and MP3 and MP4 players. In a day, they were the most impressive and innovative technologies on the market, and, in the blink of an eye, they were being replaced by more attractive new products.

Can you imagine the consequences of this for the companies that work with these products? It was, for sure, something quite frightening and required an almost immediate rethinking of objectives.

We can highlight three main pillars of companies impacted by digital transformation: business models, operational processes and customer experience.

Business Models

The change brought about by the digital transformation in business models is the need to reformulate management. 

With a global reach in mind, there is a demand for investment in digital marketing to attract customers, thinking about the needs that the public acquires and how to meet them promptly.

Operational Processes

Within operational processes, digital transformation has brought more technology and less paper, for example. 

Forms, folders and projects are digitized to streamline processes, facilitating the exchange of information, optimizing space and mapping strategies more visually and practically. Measuring results and necessary changes, therefore, becomes more efficient.

Customer Experience

Customer service personalization is one of the digital transformation’s main features. Users, more demanding, demand greater attention from companies, which need to expand their points of contact with users, develop engagement and create a bond of trust and loyalty for sales to be consolidated.

Benefits Of Digital Transformation

The digital transformation substantially impacted companies, which are still adapting and trying to understand all the changes necessary for this new stage.

On the other hand, the benefits of all this effort are worth it, and this is the aspect that must be taken into account during this transition. 

Although it is a mandatory process for companies that want to survive in the market, it is undoubtedly also very positive. Let’s look at some of the main benefits provided by digital transformation:


Several factors can hamper the efficiency of a business. There is little integration between sectors, bottlenecks that prevent actions from finding more effective solutions, and difficulty in communication between teams.

Regardless, the final product is hampered by all this blocking between processes. Digital transformation, however, can drive the company towards improvements, eliminating many of these obstacles.

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