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What Are The Main Types Of Media For Your Business?

Media for Business: Digital media is one of the most robust and efficient arms of Digital Marketing. It is divided into three types and can guarantee the success that your company is looking for, you know?

Nowadays, it is not difficult to come across companies that invest in Marketing and Advertising through digital media.

Unlike traditional media, they are cheaper and ensure greater audience segmentation, enabling increased sales of your products or services.

Not to mention that they allow you to measure every action you and your users take.

What Is Digital Media?

To know the main types of digital media on the market, it is first necessary to understand what digital media is.

The point is that the internet has changed how companies relate to their customers, and for the better.

Nowadays, it is possible to interact more with people to engage and attract them to your venture.

And this can all be done with digital media, which is nothing more than platforms that allow you to communicate very closely with all your consumers and leads – potential buyers of your products or services.

These tools can be corporate blogs, social networks, and email marketing, which you will be able to discover in more detail in the following lines.

What Types Of Digital Media Are There?

The marketer needs to focus on digital media capable of increasing sales of your company’s products or services.

Therefore, you need to know the three main types of digital media: paid media, earned media, and proprietary media.

Check out each of them below:

Paid Media

Paid digital media is very similar to traditional media. These traditional media can be seen as a sponsor who pays to display their brand on television, for example.

With the growth of the internet, companies now pay to have their ads promoted on sites with a broad audience reach.

And this can be done through some platforms, such as:

  • Google Ads;
  • Facebook Ads;
  • Instagram Ads;
  • LinkedIn Ads.

With Google Ads, you ensure that your company’s website or corporate blog appears right away in the top positions of the world’s largest search engine.

In social networks, the idea is very similar. Still, instead of your brand appearing on Google, it seems to be on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The great advantage of investing in paid digital media is that it quickly generates excellent brand visibility.

Media Wins

Win-type digital media can be considered “free” as its intuitive method gives rise to what we popularly know as word-of-mouth marketing.

Despite the name suggesting that it is unnecessary to pay anything to promote a product or service, it is necessary to bear some investment to reach the right audience.

For an idea of ​​earned media, enter Google and search for any product or service. You will probably see that the first links are sponsored. And just below them, other sites are considered organic results. These, yes, are the media won.

And even if you don’t have to spend any money on Google or social media for your posts to appear, you’ll need to invest in other actions to leverage these free results, such as:

  • Production of quality content;
  • Social network manager;
  • SEO Strategy ( Search Engine Optimization or optimization for search engines );
  • Monitoring tools.

For this reason, many people work with the Inbound Marketing strategy – attraction marketing -which aims to attract the target audience until they close a deal with you based on valuable and relevant content.

The strategy envisages a complete market re-education to bring closer the company and potential customers.

Own Media

Finally, your digital media is the one you can control yourself, as is the case with your business’s website or corporate blog.

The point is that even if you create and manage all the content posted on your social network account, for example, the space is provided by another company, such as Facebook.

Therefore, rules need to be followed when own media is the strategy chosen by your company.

Therefore, have your channels ensure the production and management of your digital media in the long term and add this to the benefit of operating in the space also managed by third-party companies.

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