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Email Marketing Professional: What They Do

Email Marketing: When reading the title of this article, the following question must have crossed your mind: “but is email still a useful communication tool for the marketing sector?”. 

The answer is yes! Not only is it a useful tool, but also one that generates the most results for companies.

Data shows that email marketing ROI (Return on Investment) rates can reach 4,000%, proving that it remains among the most promising strategies in Digital Marketing.

Furthermore, 72% of all people who have emails check their inboxes more than once a day, and many of them end up making purchases attracted by the promotional emails they receive.

Thanks to all these numbers, the email marketing activity, which previously did not have a protagonist in the marketing teams, started to need someone with in-depth knowledge to carry out this task efficiently.

That’s where the email marketer comes in. It is still a new position in the market, but it continues to grow and promises to become increasingly essential for companies of all sizes.

In this post you will learn the details of the profession, what it takes to become an exemplary email marketing professional, the best courses in the area and much more. Check out!

What Does An Email Marketer Do?

The email marketing professional is responsible for the sales strategy and the relationship with current and potential customers (leads) via email.

Its main function is to coordinate campaigns in this important communication channel capable of educating, reducing fears regarding purchase intent, and solving doubts that may arise.

This is a profession that has been much sought after by companies. That’s because it’s easy to fall into the dreaded spam box without proper planning for email communication. 

Thus, email marketing, which other people on the team previously performed, now has a protagonist: the marketing professional, who ensures the distribution of content that arouses interest and is capable of generating conversions.

This need is what makes this profession so unique in the market. While the communication professional, for example, talks to the external and internal public through different formats, the email marketing professional acts more specifically, providing special attention to the email. Next, learn about the main types of email marketers and their roles.

Types Of Email Marketing Professionals

The email marketer performs some important activities to ensure an efficient strategy that generates results. Are they:

  • Segmentation
  • Creation of campaigns
  • Results Monitoring

Other functions, such as managing the email triggering tool and cleaning inactive contacts from the list, help make the email marketer’s work even more organized and efficient.

Within the business environment, an email marketing professional can go through several positions, which is common to most professions. Are they:

  • Apprentice
  • Intern
  • Assistant
  • Assistant
  • Analyst
  • Supervisor
  • Coordinator
  • Manager

Advancing between them depends on the dedication and expertise of the email marketer. That is, the greater your level of knowledge and effort, the greater the chances of earning promotions throughout your career.

For freelancers, this scale is a little different. The professional can be a beginner, intermediate, or expert, which defines the types and values ​​of the jobs he will get.

A beginning freelancer is likely to receive smaller, low-complexity jobs. As you gain experience, you will get more busy work and, consequently, higher prices.

For outsourced professionals, who work through a PJ contract, this is a slightly more complex issue since values ​​can be negotiated between the parties according to the volume of work.

There is also the possibility of acting as a freelancer, making deliveries punctually or permanently to certain clients

In any of the situations above, especially for professionals with CNPJ and freelancers, it is essential to emphasize that the greater the knowledge and availability take on jobs, the greater the gains.

And even more important than that, the best email marketing professional is the one who, in addition to seeking constant specialization, plans his work strategically to not only deliver his demands on time but also provide great results to his clients.

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