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Social Networks For Companies: Which One Is Best

No one doubts that social networks are a phenomenon because of the high number of users and access. However, the use of social networks for companies is not used as they should, and this needs to change, as they are part of the digital marketing strategy.

Anyone who thinks that social networks are used only to share photos and information and meet new people is wrong. Today, social networks for companies are efficient tools for the development of successful strategies when it comes to digital marketing.

Many mistakenly think that open a corporate account, post content in any way, and that’s it: the results will appear! But that’s not how things work.

For social networks to begin to work, there must be strategic management. Social networks for companies will only be effective in the first place if the customer finds the company.

After that, you need exciting content, knowledge of your target audience, getting your leads engaged with your brand, and showing why your company should be admired. After all that, it’s time to convince everyone to be your customer!

Social Networks For Companies Have Peculiar Characteristics

Functionalities, purposes, and audiences… are the three characteristics of different social networks for companies. So, before choosing which one is the best, keep reading this post, as we clarify your doubts about each one of them.


This social network is known as the business network. It includes contractors, contractors, investors, and customers. It allows you to create a profile for your company to have closer relationships, form partnerships, find investors, and even network.

On LinkedIn, your company profile should be something extremely professional and intended to present your products or services. As an advantage, it allows you to analyze how many visits your business profile has received and gives recommendations on how your page can be improved.


Facebook is the most used social network around the world as well as here in Brazil. Companies have invested a lot in this social network because it is an effective communication channel; you can talk to your customer informally through photos, promotions, and offers.

Users can rate your company among all the features in this social network. This can be both positive and negative for your company. Therefore, try to serve your customers in the best possible way, and if unforeseen circumstances arise, be as transparent as possible.

As with LinkedIn, Facebook also provides data about your page. The graphs show the growth or decline of the likes of your page, which were the publications that stood out the most, which age group consumes your posts, where your likes are, and others.


This microblog allows the publication of messages with a maximum of 140 characters. However, only those who follow you have access to this post. Although the amount of characters seems small, it is still possible to include videos and photos and show the place where the tweet came from.

Unlike other social networks for companies, on Twitter, your followers can mention your company in a post, whether to ask a question, praise, or even criticize. Regardless of the type of mention, respond!

There is also the option of direct messages that looks a lot like the so-called inbox messages that Facebook provides. For businesses, hashtags are the main feature of this social network. Through them, you can run contests, get visibility and encourage your followers to use them too.

Google +

Despite not being among the most used social networks for companies, Google + is an exciting alternative. As it is integrated with Google Maps, your business can be registered, and your customers can promote positive or negative reviews of your business.

It is very similar to the Facebook page. The company needs to use it intelligently, as it works like a business card. As it is integrated with other Google resources, it is easy to access Gmail, Docs, Maps, and even YouTube.


Regardless of the social networks for companies that managers will choose, it is essential that the information published is accurate and values ​​​​quality and efficiency because it’s no use being on the social network if it doesn’t reflect the truth about your company.

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