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The Role Of Digital Influencers In IT Marketing

Resorting to the work of a digital influencers are been gaining ground among companies in the most varied sectors.

But, after all, what is the impact of influencer marketing on the IT sector? To answer this question, it is interesting to understand exactly how this strategy works and why it is important to have a corporate influencer. So, enjoy reading!

What Is A Digital Influencer?

A digital influencer is a personality recognized by a certain audience, usually reaching millions or millions. Also known as influencers, these famous figures communicate directly with consumers through different content.

Whether on a social network or in more elaborate productions, the point is that they share interests, hobbies and a specific culture with their followers. Companies soon realized this could be used in favor of a good marketing strategy.

It is not new, for example, that the opinion of friends and close people directly influences our consumption decisions. Therefore, it is understandable that a digital influencer can collaborate to strengthen a brand among its audience.

The point is that this strategy has been gaining more and more space, including in the IT market. Let us now see the reasons for such success.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Influencer Marketing?

As you will see here, having the support of a corporate influencer brings benefits to the most varied aspects of digital marketing. So let’s start with a bigger picture.

Aumenta Brand Awareness

Influencers are powerful allies for anyone who wants to increase their company’s brand awareness. In other words, you put your company in people’s minds, making it a reference in the market in which it operates. If someone thinks about your products, services or solutions, the chance of remembering your brand becomes greater.

Builds Authority On The Subject

When a digital influencer mentions your brand, it sends a message of trust. In this sense, the connection they have with their followers weighs heavily. Sharing values ​​and hobbies pave the way for recommendations of this type.

The logic is simple: if your company has managed to get that personality to recognize your work, it is natural for people to understand that the brand is trustworthy.

It Helps To Expand Your Audience

In addition to reaching your target audience, working with an influencer helps to make your company visible to other consumer profiles. Generations Z and Millennials, for example, are widely reached by digital influencers.

Dialogue with these audiences becomes much easier when your brand is already mentioned by the personalities they follow daily. Another interesting example is LinkedIn.

Several corporate influencers that are a reference act specifically in this corporate social network. The result can be even more efficient in strengthening your brand and generating leads.

Create Partnerships And Opportunities

The relationship with digital influencers is a two-way street. Both parties benefit from the stock’s success, and growth could be even greater in the long term. In such a connected world, fostering this type of networking is essential.

Drive More Conversions

People often rely on the opinion of others when it comes to making a purchase decision. Thus, influencers become a voice that tends to be heard, but they also help to promote the conversion of those who are already under consideration.

Generate More Leads

By expanding the reach of your marketing, you increase the chances of generating new leads. We’re talking about creating interest in the brand and its products — which means an opportunity to sell more and grow in the market.

Allows You To Reduce Costs

Optimizing investment is always an essential point for any company. In this sense, influencer marketing tends to be more profitable than traditional advertising. After all, they are voices that receive much more attention than traditional banners.

To get started, then, you need to find the right influencers. Metrics like the number of followers are important, but not everything. It is crucial to look at the engagement rate, the frequency and the quality of the posts themselves.

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