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Advantages When Adopting Big Data As A Strategy

Adopting Big Data: No matter how innovative your business is, you will have to deal with the competition at some point. And that’s when how you manage your relationship with the public will be tested.

What will make the customer choose your service over another? Big Data can help in this challenge since, through the data, you will be able to understand what is demanded in the market and how your competitors are acting. Thus, the search for strategies to attract and retain customers is facilitated, and sales are leveraged.

We say that one of the advantages of Big Data is to generate a competitive advantage. Check out 3 of them now:

Identify Insights And Turn Them Into Actions

Insight is when you have a different view of something once shared, a clue, a path. Suddenly, everything becomes apparent, and the problem starts to be seen from another angle.

These data-based insights are the path to strategic, agile, and assertive actions, with a low chance of errors, as they are not based on guesswork.

Customer Customization

If before, the search was for a standardized service capable of adapting to all customers, today, the thinking of organizations needs to go much further. Knowing the specifics of your audience is essential to develop personalized services and products.

More than a good product, the consumer experience is one of the leading indicators of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The customization created from using Big Data, BI, and other IT solutions impacts your business by providing more customer satisfaction at lower costs.

Netflix, for example, is a real success on Social Media. There are several studies on the performance of the brand on the internet. When analyzing the comments answered by her on Facebook, it is possible to see that each answer was made in a personalized way for that person.

And we can’t forget the recommended content on the streaming platform, customized according to what each user watches or searches for, considering titles, directors’ names, genres, and actors, among others. This tactic allows Netflix to be more assertive when suggesting content to its subscribers.

This strategy shows that the company has already realized that it is not just about selling products and services but understanding what your subscriber wants and offering the best experience.

Know Your Competitor

You will only be able to build a competitive advantage if you know who your competitor is, how he acts and where he intends to go. That is, you need to use Competitive Intelligence.

This strategy aims to collect relevant information about the behavior of your opponents in the market and use it to your advantage. Working with this data assertively, you will discover the competition’s strengths and weaknesses, observe their position in the business and their skills, and predict new actions.

Big Data can help your company collect and monitor this data efficiently and integrate it. So you can watch the information, avoid surprises from the competition, realign your strategy, review prices and keep your business in the market in a prominent position.

What Are The Most Used Big Data Resources In The Market?

Various software is available to help companies deal with the massive amount of data. These platforms assist in collecting, organizing, storing, and processing data.

Ideally, IT management should identify the company’s demand, assess the infrastructure already available, and choose the most appropriate resources for the business context. Here are some of the most commonly used options today:


Scalability, replication, high performance, and data support are some of the essential features of this platform. The program has different storage systems and was developed especially for Big Data, as it does not work like relational databases.


Open source software is geared towards processing large sets of information. The program offers the possibility of storing any native data format, transforming and analyzing it complexly. It works on standard hardware, so it’s a low-cost system.

Apache Cassandra

It is a database created by Facebook that combines the architecture of Amazon Web Services, DynamoDB, and models based on the Big Table. Due to its agility and practicality, it is one of the most used open sources in the world today.

Azure Data Lake

This feature helps developers and scientists; it makes storing files of any size, shape, and speed easy. In addition, it is responsible for processing and analyzing various platforms and languages.

Amazon Web Services

The service offers cloud security and processing of massive volumes of data. This feature makes it possible to detect fraud and analyze click sequences, recommendation engines, and server less computing, among others. Companies like Netflix, Phillips, Globo, CNA, Gol Linh as Apereas, and Unilever already use the solution.

In addition to software, with Big Data, the demand for new hardware platforms is also greater. Some companies already offer the hyper-convergence service, such as Nutanix, Microcity option in the refresh of its Data Center, EMC’s Vxrail, or even HPE’s Simplicity.

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