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CRM: Learn All About The Software That Helps You Sell More

A sales CRM can help optimize company processes such as gaining new leads, organizing contacts, improving customer relationships, etc. Integrating this tool into your business can make a difference in productivity. 

Did you know that 81% of successful companies use some form of CRM software? By the way, do you know what CRM means? Originating in English, Customer Relationship Management is related to customer relationship management.

What Is CRM? 

As the name implies, CRM systems aim to facilitate communication and customer relationships. Therefore, solutions in this category use different business strategies and technological features to help the company understand precisely what the pains and desires of its customers are.

What Is The CRM For?

Unlike old-fashioned spreadsheets, CRMs automate all customer and lead management, from storing all data to creating dashboards with the preliminary information collected.

That is, CRM tools help with strategy and process organization. Its focus is monitoring and managing a business’s customer relationships.

Thus, it is possible to nurture value relationships, transforming customers into true business ambassadors.

However, for this relationship of collaboration between brand and consumer, it is necessary to manage customers effectively. For this, CRM software is an essential tool.

If you need to learn how CRM works and want to create new ties with your customers, see what CRM software is and its features in this article!

Why Is CRM Important For Companies?

Its importance lies in generating customer satisfaction and loyalty based on the strategies and processes that can be created in detail within a tool like this. 

This applies to capturing leads (a term used to describe potential customers who have shown interest in the product offered) and to nurturing already converted customers.

As they help to discover the potential consumer’s true interests, the CRM facilitates the provision of content and information that can strengthen this relationship and enable new sales.

What Should A CRM Have?

Is CRM software essential for any business that seeks customer satisfaction? Will this encourage the consumer to return and continue buying your service or product?

The answer is a big YES! CRMs offer features that allow sales professionals to perform more assertive and targeted actions.

Among them, we can highlight some main ones such as:

  • Organization of contacts: through the CRM, it is possible to catalog, organize and more efficiently manage all the contacts collected at each stage of the sales funnel;
  • Creation of a database: with the documentation of the contacts, it is possible to develop a record that facilitates the location of information, in addition to allowing a more detailed analysis of who your possible or current client is;
  • Improvement in the relationship with the client: the registration and follow-up of the interactions promoted with prospects and clients facilitate a global view of the relationships;
  • Increased revenue: with the help of a positive relationship, in addition to customer loyalty, your business can get more referrals. Consequently, more acceptance and expansion in market share; 
  • Conquest of new sales: with CRM in the day-to-day business, it is possible to increase the productivity of the sales team and, thus, guarantee more conversions and new contracts;
  • Optimization of interaction with marketing: effective management of customer relationships also provides valuable information that can be useful to the marketing team;
  • Creation of new products or services: by monitoring the relationship, it is possible to identify gaps and points of dissatisfaction in the product, which can be the basis for the creation of new products or services;
  • Cost reduction: with CRM tools that use cloud computing, it is possible to reduce expenses with IT, software, and hardware for data storage; 
  • Performance measurement and optimization: It is possible to measure results with an automated sales dashboard. Thus, it is possible to determine which strategies are most effective and which should be revised.

What Are The Best CRM Strategies?

It would help if you had a well-defined plan to manage the relationship with potential customers. After all, the entire set of actions within a CRM must be designed with a focus on customer satisfaction.

The first step is to identify your company’s value proposition and communicate it effectively. It is the basis of the approach that the sales team will take with leads or customers.

See some tips:

Watch Your Business

Analyze what services your company offers and how they can influence each relationship stage.

In addition, list how each team can contribute to the CRM implementation and extract information to improve the teams’ performance. 

Find Out What The Customer Journey Is

If you already have an internal database, try to look for patterns that show how the consumer journey has been. What were the steps from the first contact to the conversion?

If you don’t already have this database, feed it to your CRM software and do the same process. After all, with all the information cataloged, it’s easier to discover how your sales funnel works.

Create Metrics

A powerful trend in the market is data-driven, that is, the culture of guiding the decision-making process based on data. For this to be possible, it is necessary to measure every action.

Thus, it will be possible to discover precious information about the customer journey. For example: when did the first contact happen, what were the steps, what is the most efficient distribution channel for your business, and what is the conversion percentage, among others?

Implement Processes

Creating continuous processes within the CRM is another fundamental step for the success of its implementation.

A good CRM management process should also consider training and feedback for leadership sectors. It is also essential that the entire sales team is aware of the company’s mode of operation so that there is no noise in the relationship with customers and that the adopted strategy is as constructive as possible.

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