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Social Ads – Is It Worth Advertising On Social Media?

Social Media: Social networks are channels where people consume content, entertainment, and news. Among the young audience, this behavior is even more pronounced. 

But what does all this mean for companies? Well, it means that advertising on social media can generate tremendous results. That’s where Social Ads come in. You can reach a larger audience with a meager marketing budget through them.

If you want to understand more about Social Ads and find out if you should use this paid strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out:

  • What are Social Ads;
  • Should your company use this strategy;
  • What are the leading Social Ads platforms?

What Are Social Ads?

Social Ads are ads created on social media platforms. They have become incredible tools to reach new audiences and even retain those who already know your brand.

Within a Social Ads tool, you can create a campaign and define a specific objective according to what you want to achieve. You choose your budget yourself, determining your costs by CPC (cost per click) and impression, among others.

Additionally, you can segment your audience based on demographics such as location, age, gender, interests, profession, etc. This detailed segmentation is one of the great strengths of paid digital media, as it reaches more qualified and heated leads.

Should Your Company Use A Social Ads Strategy?

Of course, everything will depend on your persona to know if this strategy is worth it for your business. You need to understand how your persona behaves to understand which platforms it is most present on.

In addition to Social Ads, such as Google sponsored links. However, Google is a search engine. So, you must have at least one website to advertise there, and your audience already needs to know what they want. After all, people use Google to search for questions and solve problems they already know.

In addition to considering this when deciding to invest in Social Ads, you can also take into account the following benefits that you will have :

More Optimized Budget

When advertising on social networks, you can define how much you want to invest. In addition, social platforms always seek to optimize their costs. Therefore, if an ad is not having an effect, you can pause your campaign and even delete it without paying the final amount.

Also, you don’t need to invest a lot in social networks to grow. Unlike traditional media channels, which are extremely expensive, digital has meager costs.

More Chances Of Conversion

Since Social tools allow for very detailed audience targeting, your ads only reach those people who are interested in your niche of services and products. And with more qualified leads, the greater the chances of conversion.

You do not also forget the remarketing campaigns that generate a lot of conversions. Digital remarketing is nothing more than a strategy to encourage a lead that has already accessed your content or that already accompanies you to buy products you offer. And awakening interest in people who already know you are much more accessible than conquering new people.

Measurement Of Results

An incredible benefit of Social Ads is the possibility of measuring results. After all, we need to work with data to know when a campaign is working. Without metrics and data, we are left in the dark. We won’t be able to know how many people were affected by that ad, how many clicked, and how many converted.

This is one of the main differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing. It is easy to evaluate our performance and optimize our campaign online, as we have access to such information. Offline, it’s not quite like that anymore.

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