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How To Choose The Ideal Social Network For Your Business

Social Network for Business: Every entrepreneur knows that their brand needs to be seen by their audience. That means being in an excellent commercial spot and advertising in traditional media in the offline world.

It means putting the brand where the audience is in the online world. To choose the right network for your company, you need to understand how each one works, which one condenses most of the brand’s target audience, what language is used in each network, and how to act.

Get to know the characteristics of each of the most used social networks in Brazil and understand which one is the most suitable for business, but remember that the idea is to combine two or more social networks in your digital marketing strategy.


According to the latest Secom report, Facebook is the most used social network: with around 120 million monthly users. Worldwide, there are more than 1.4 billion users on the web. The success is due to the ease of use, and the platform allows content in different formats, such as texts, photos, videos, and gifs.

Companies benefit from this social network by creating a “fan page,” free, and investments are made to boost publications, which can be segmented according to the target audience.

Facebook is suitable for those who want to attract new customers and those who need to keep old customers. It is also a good tool for clearing up doubts and expanding and improving the relationship with the public.


The microblog allows posts of 280 characters with photos, short videos, gifs, links, and polls. Unlike Facebook, on Twitter, there is no friend request, people follow each other, but it is possible to follow a profile without being followed by it. This changes the relationship within the network, as followers only see publications.

Recently, the tool started to allow advertisements, but this is not the most recommended way to act on Twitter. As a quick messaging platform with a short “useful life,” Twitter is suitable for companies that have a lot of content to share and that can feed their profile several times a day. Otherwise, the posts will not reach a considerable number of followers.

Twitter can be used by those who need or want to interact with users/customers quickly, being especially suitable for publicizing specific actions, promotions, and launches.


The application has more than 300 million users worldwide – more than 50 million in Brazil – and, although it was created to be used by individuals, it soon became an excellent network for business. Today, it is possible to create business profiles (with exclusive tools).

Interaction on Instagram occurs through photos and short videos, both in permanent posts, in the feed, and in temporary positions, in stories.

As a primarily visual network, Instagram is suitable for companies that sell products or offer services with visual appeal. Thus, it is widely used by clothing, makeup, and decoration stores; by professionals in aesthetics, fashion, and architecture.

On Instagram, it is worth investing in image treatment to draw attention to the quality of the photos and videos. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words in this network.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest corporate social network. It is suitable for those looking for more qualified leads, so it is mainly used to stimulate contact between professionals and companies and expand networking.

In this network, profiles work as a kind of curriculum, with information about professional experiences and skills, and it is also possible to discuss subjects related to specific topics, read articles published by people who are references in your company’s area of ​​activity and become a reference in the market.

As important as choosing the perfect social network for each company’s action is knowing how to act in each of them. For this, count on the help of our team of digital marketing experts!

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