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7 Tips For Selling More With An Email Marketing Tool

Now that you have a good idea of ​​the possibilities that an email marketing tool offers, how about some extra tips to generate more sales with its help?

Make An Excellent Welcome Email

The welcome email is the first step in starting your communication with leads. It is sent right after users provide their contact details and, therefore, should be seen as a kind of introduction to the content you intend to send over time.

In addition to educating leads on how often you send them and which emails they’ve agreed to receive, you can offer a unique benefit to incentivize their first purchase. If users expect a message from your brand, why not use it to provide them with special purchase terms?

Apply The Brand Identity To The Pieces

One of the essential steps in building brand awareness is establishing a visual identity. This identity must be present in your brand’s content, including email submissions.

Therefore, create submissions easily identified by users as a communication of your brand. By establishing this unity in email marketing content, you strengthen the company’s image with consumers.

Insert Alternative Text In Images

Alternative text is a type of content displayed if images are not loaded when the user views the message. While editing the message in the email marketing tool, you can enter this alt text attribute.

Therefore, enter the text that allows the message to be fully understood, even if some error occurs at the time of viewing. Have you ever thought if your image doesn’t have any text complements and the user loses interest in the marketing action?

Create Responsive Emails

Studies show that up to 80% of recipients can delete emails that don’t display correctly on their devices. Creating emails with a responsive design will help you keep consumers engaged with your brand and bring them closer to purchase.

Remember the email editor mentioned earlier? So, in most tools, it sets some content limitations that help you create responsive ones, limiting the size of the email piece and, of course, the extent of the images that can be inserted.

Identify Sales Opportunities

The email marketing tool can be used to identify those consumers most willing to buy your products. This type of analysis is possible through a few methods, but lead scoring is one of the most effective.

Lead scoring is based on the attribution of points to contacts whenever they interact with your brand, whether in email submissions, your website, or other channels integrated with the tool used.

To find out which are the most engaged consumers, that is, closest to making a purchase, it is possible to establish a score. For example: when a user reaches 500 points, he is classified as an opportunity and starts to integrate communications with a greater focus on sales.

Win Back Consumers Who Have Given Up On A Purchase

Research shows that up to 75% of users enter items in the shopping cart of online stores and give up on the purchase. Cart abandonment email helps you reduce these numbers and remind consumers of the possibility of completing their purchase. Emails of this type have a 45% open rate.

With the abandoned cart email, you send automatic messages whenever a user expresses an intention to purchase but does not complete the process on your website. After a certain period (which you need to define when creating the shipment), an email will be sent with a reminder to complete the purchase.

Qualify Customer Loyalty

Maintaining a recurring relationship with people who have already purchased items from your brand is extremely important to ensure good results.

The first stage of loyalty is to ask customers for feedback on the purchase made. This type of questioning helps you identify the strengths of the shopping experience provided to consumers and understand what to improve in subsequent purchases.

Don’t forget to create actions to ensure that customers know about your company’s news, such as new products available, complimentary items to what has already been purchased, etc.

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