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How To Move From Email Marketing To Marketing Automation

Email Marketing: See the differences between these two strategies, how they complement each other in your Digital Marketing actions and the first steps to putting them into practice!

A question that most marketing professionals face in their daily lives is how to move from the Email Marketing strategy, which they already use in their routine, to Marketing Automation. If you’re one of them and want to know how to do it, you’ve come to the right place. And for starters, I’ll tell you a story!

At the last birthday party I attended, a mother and her 4-year-old son sat next to me. Like all good offspring of the Alpha generation, the child had a natural talent for technology. He didn’t blink and knew exactly where to go to watch videos and play some games.

I told his mother how amazing I thought it was, and moments later, I was introduced to several videos that only gave more support to my theory that everyone born after 2010 is a mutant.

They were super long videos, over 10 minutes. The child, seeing the mother’s despair trying to find a specific part of the recording, dragging that little ball in the video’s time bar from one side to the other, arrived, took the cell phone and said, “yes, mom”. Her little finger pressed the middle of the screen and dragged it to the side, speeding up the video so that it was possible to find the scene we were looking for much more easily.

I opened my mouth, the mother opened her mouth, and the child laughed. Probably in our face. I’m sure she didn’t know what mockery was, but she did it anyway. Although it has nothing to do with the subject of the publication, my intention with this story is to show you that, yes, there are ways to facilitate processes that we are already used to.

And sometimes, they are right in front of us. But for the rush of the day today, we left them aside. If you work with email shots and still haven’t brought Marketing Automation as part of your strategies, this post will be more or less what that child was to me: a big emoji of surprise and delight!

And, going from water to wine and from children’s parties to your day today at the company, I’m going to show you how to take the next step in your email strategies by adopting Marketing Automation: a new way to communicate with your customer, using a tool that is already part of your daily life.

Main Differences Between Email Marketing Trigger And Marketing Automation

Despite causing some confusion in some people, these two concepts have very different roles.

Marketing Automation is the set of interactions between the company and the customer in an automated way. Email Marketing triggering is characterized by the punctual sending of some content on a certain date and time. While the automation takes place from some activation performed by the customer, the Email Marketing trigger depends on a manual sending configuration.

The Possibilities That Marketing Automation Provides

If you’ve come this far, you probably already know that, contrary to what many Digital Marketing gurus say, Email Marketing is still more alive than ever.

According to a study carried out by The Radiate Group, by 2023, email usage will grow by about 3% per year, reaching the mark of more than 4.3 billion users. Cross this data with the information that 98% of people who have email are in the habit of accessing it and feel the endorphin being slowly released by your body, which has just understood the opportunity your company has at hand.

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