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How Digital Marketing Affected The Purchase Decision Process

Digital Marketing: A few decades ago, the consumer’s purchase decision was limited by the amount of information about the product. In most cases, the news was concentrated in the hands of companies and their sellers.

These, therefore, had greater power when we think about trading strategies. However, this has changed with the evolution of the internet and Digital Marketing. Think of a person who walked into a car dealership in the late 1980s. The car salesman was the most qualified person on the list because he supposedly had a lot of information about the cars for sale that most consumers were completely unaware of.

The internet and Digital Marketing came to invert this equation. Consumers now have much more power in this relationship, with information available and accessible from any location with mobile devices. This applies to any business relationship, from a simple purchase to more complex purchase decisions.

This scenario has brought many challenges for companies (as companies today are much more exposed and vulnerable than before) and many opportunities.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Digital Marketing? 

As mentioned above, Digital Marketing has radically changed the dynamics in markets. Here we separate 4 advantages of Digital Marketing from Traditional Marketing. Are they: Measurement Perhaps the main advantage of Digital Marketing over the traditional one is measuring practically everything.

In Digital Marketing, this scenario is entirely different. Using specific measurement tools, it is possible to know which channels are bringing the best return objectively. From there, you can drill down into these analyzes in detail. For example: which specific campaign, in a used media, is bringing the best return?

With this, it is possible to test variables in search of the best results, a widespread practice in the Digital environment.


Another advantage of Digital Marketing is segmenting the audience that we can reach today. In the past, “mass” campaigns went to many people, with excellent dispersion. Currently, it is possible to perform incredible segmentations, reaching niche markets with extreme precision.

Some examples of standard segmentations:

  • geolocation
  • Age

In addition, there is the right moment to impact a consumer. Think of Google, for example: Isn’t it amazing to be able to showcase your brand at the exact moment a consumer is looking to solve a problem your product/service addresses?

Cost-benefit for a long time, access to Traditional Marketing was restricted. Mass media were reserved for larger companies with bigger budgets. Today, however, it is possible from newly founded micro-companies to multinational giants to take advantage of the benefits of Digital Marketing.

With investments relative to its size, any company will be able to use the tools available to impact potential customers. Thus, even micro and small companies that generally have small marketing budgets will be able to reach their target audience and move it in some way in digital media. Investments in digital marketing grow year after year worldwide (and the outlook remains highly positive for years to come).

Agility in implementation In Digital Marketing, we had some “walls” broken. One of these walls is the intermediary. In Traditional Marketing, you usually have the figure of the intermediary, such as, for example, an agency or production company. It would take the help of one of them to deal with the media (media channels) and spread their message.

All this was more expensive. Today the figure of the intermediary is less obligatory. You usually have a self-service system that you can act on to schedule your campaigns and other activities.

Today, we see many companies working with quarterly, semi-annual, and annual schedules. The critical thing is assembling it and being as faithful to it as possible. This, of course, knowing that adaptations will be necessary along the way, so maintaining flexibility is also important.

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