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How Do We Mitigate Risks And Prevent Cyber Attacks?

Although ransomware and other cyber attacks can be very harmful to companies, as they involve high costs, significant expenditure of resources, damage to the company’s image and, above all, enormous risks to the privacy of customers, employees and suppliers, there are ways to get around this situation.

For companies facing this – and mitigating risks to prevent this from happening. Among the solutions that can be adopted, we highlight:

IT Master Plan (PDTI): 

The IT Master Plan involves the diagnosis, planning and management of human resources, software and hardware, networks, infrastructure and information systems; that is, it is a plan that establishes the basic guidelines for the proper functioning of Information Technology services in a company, including information security solutions, backup solutions and security policies to be followed. When well designed, this plan is capable of shielding the business against digital threats and taking it to another level within the new economy. 

Business Continuity Plan (BCP): 

This is a plan for crisis scenarios or severe problems that affect the company and the functioning of the business – such as a ransomware cyber attacks. The PCN establishes everything that must be done during a complex situation, ranging from the operation of the company’s primary systems to the relationship with the press to protect the information of customers, suppliers and employees and preserve the image and assets of the organization. 

Information Security Policy (PSI): 

The PSI is the set of actions, techniques and best practices related to the safe use of data. That is a document that determines the essential steps to ensure information security, including how users should treat information, what are the policies for accessing corporate data, and who is responsible for the data, among other practices and measures that prevent human error from causing data leaks or ransomware attacks in the enterprise.

  • Backup Solutions: As shown in the Sophos study, many attacked companies were able to recover their ransomware-encrypted data through backups; that is, having a good backup solution (such as the Marserve solution ) that is efficient and fully operational is a way to mitigate risks, in addition to preventing data from being lost forever because of cyber attack, it also prevents data loss due to human error or system errors.
  • Training: provide users and employees with a knowledge base on information security so that they understand how they can protect and protect corporate data, including information on what credentials should look like, how to identify if an email is actual or if it is a phishing or social engineering scam, among other relevant and necessary knowledge.
  • Synchronized Security Solutions: The Sophos Synchronized Security Solution is one of the most effective ways to secure corporate information and protect against cyberattacks. The Synchronized Solution is premised on continuous communication between all Sophos solutions connected on the same network. From the firewall (NGFW) to the user (Endpoint), information is collected and exchanged securely, using end-to-end encryption to ensure network security, thus intercepting and containing possible attacks and solving end-to-end digital security breaches. 
  • Cyber ​​Insurance: Cyber ​​insurance works just like car or house insurance. However, it is aimed at supporting the company in the event of an cyber attacks on its systems, leakage of customer information, etc.

Digital Security

The evolution of technology has brought many new concepts into our daily lives, such as mobility and even the VUCA world and its infinite opportunities. But it also brought many new challenges for businesses and consumers in terms of adapting to digital and keeping the vast amount of information generated at all times safe.

Due to the increasing adoption of mobile devices, internet users and technologies are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks promoted by crackers, such as phishing, data leaks and the still famous and feared ransomware. 

If cybersecurity isn’t exactly a priority for you or your business, read on, as we’ll show you why it should move to the top of the list of concerns.

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