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Advantages Of A Multi-Cloud Solution For Companies

Multi Cloud: Cloud computing transforms business processes for the better. It involves benefits such as flexibility of access, greater security, agility, integration, and automation at the lowest cost.

Multi cloud enhances and adds value to the business. Therefore, this article will detail its advantages and ways to apply this solution in the business environment.

What Is Multi-Cloud?

The multi-cloud strategy uses two or more cloud computing frameworks simultaneously. As a result, corporate information is better protected because there are multiple providers, that is, numerous cybercrime tools.

Additional means are available to innovate, produce and expand product choice flexibility. There are better chances to negotiate to conquer, decrease costs and increase benefits.

What Is The Difference Between Multi-Cloud And Hybrid Cloud?

While some executives think the two choices are the same, they have significant differences. Understanding the purpose of each one is essential for you to think about adequately planning data storage.

Multi Cloud

Multi Cloud allows you to use different products. For example, if customers use AWS (Amazon Web Services), they can also use Azure’s DR ( Disaster Recovery ) system. See 6 points that explain the concept.

  • It is an effective way to manage and optimize cloud computing implementations for the business;
  • More variety of features available and flexibility in contracting packages;
  • Eliminates technical barriers to following protocols and disciplines such as agile methodologies or MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework) ;
  • Enables the mixed-use of cloud applications with different types of providers;
  • Reduces technological lock-in by being scalable and elastic, expanding the possibilities for migration;
  • Allows administration of cloud services from multiple partners without requiring interconnection between system functions.

Hybrid Cloud

This model refers to the presence of various types of cloud computing deployment, public or private. All clouds involved in the process require interconnection and integration.

Unlike the multicolored feature, which includes two or more public cloud environments on the platform, the hybrid cloud only has a public cloud environment and a private cloud environment.

Certain companies establish multiple hybrid clouds to increase protection, with content from specific corporate sectors.

What Are The Advantages Of The Multi-Cloud Solution?

Interaction with various clouds, fast return on capital invested in the project, and quick disaster relief. These are some multi-cloud benefits that you follow below:

1 – Negotiation Power

The independence to negotiate with suppliers adds to the choice of systems. An IT area can select what it needs, following a cost governance plan. There is no dreaded lock-in that locks a contractor to a single supplier.

As demand grows, IT expands the framework quickly and within budget. The IT manager can search for the best option among all providers if an upgrade needs to be generated.

Multicloud improves the scalability that is already a hallmark of cloud computing. Whenever necessary, it is possible to negotiate to migrate or update plans.

2 – Improve Disaster recovery

Data losses, sometimes irreversible, can happen if cybercriminal attacks or technical instabilities exist. The sudden interruption of service generates the need for recovery and other high costs for technology management.

This problem is reduced with multicolored because due to the different clouds, there is no dependency on just one service. Note 5 security-related benefits:

  1. it combines several alternatives for the protection and management of data from other providers;
  2. keeps the enterprise cloud functioning intact;
  3. less exposure to threats and DDoS attacks.
  4. An institution’s critical data applications are protected with a multi-cloud arrangement. Multicloud secures corporate databases in case of natural disasters, power outages, or technical failures.
  5. Provide feasibility to apply resources in regions with clouds far from catastrophe.

3 – Ensure Availability

Multi Cloud environments are ideal for islands of IT with uninterrupted work. They can limit or cancel productive interruptions, generating availability at all times.

Backup takes place in real-time of systems and workflows if cloud provisioning fails — which is very difficult to do.

4 – Optimize ROI

The combination of services optimizes the economy. Multi Cloud ‘s high performance evolves into increased productivity, expanding profits, and quickly covering investment. The multi-cloud flexibility of single payments contributes to market competitiveness by reducing prices. 

5 – Evolve Cloud Interaction

A single multi-cloud framework combines system clouds, public registries, proprietary applications, and more. All this with operational perfection. This deception is what optimizes collaborative work.

For example, to decrease the response time of team members miles away, specific loads can be hosted in the cloud with servers close to the users. This respects the data sovereignty and regulatory protocols of the countries.

The idea is to be agile and practical by certifying the means to relate diversified applications. In this way, there is an evolution in productive functioning.

6 – Streamline Integration And Cloud Storage

Multi-cloud providers provide the expertise needed to adopt robust infrastructures. With the proper knowledge, you get the agility and mobility to integrate or store complete workloads from heterogeneous platforms.

Conclusion: Multi-Cloud And Multiple Solutions

The disadvantages of relying on a single provider are resolved with multi cloud. The platforms break barriers of staff distance, optimize collaborative work, offer negotiation flexibility, and, above all, are safe. They also diversify resources to produce, innovate or defend data.

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