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Seven Benefits Of Using Scrum For Your Business

Scrum helps develop complex projects practically. But what other benefits does this methodology bring to teams that use the tool? We highlight seven reasons for you to start using the framework in your team daily. Check out:

#1 Predictability In Deliveries

As we have seen, Scrum segments the project into several smaller steps for faster and more proactive management. This is because, with sprints, the team can plan and execute predicted deliverables in a short period. 

In each sprint, small increments are developed that together will be the final product for the customer. This means there are always continuous deliveries, and the phrase “slow and steady” is demystified in practice. 

In addition, these deliveries make the team excited to see the results in the short term, and the customer is satisfied to follow the project’s evolution before it is finalized.

#2 Team Collaboration

It’s obvious, but the team needs to be fully aligned for everything to go as planned and quickly. Cooperation is a non-negotiable rule for Scrum to work correctly and cannot be neglected.

However, it is essential to remember that for the team to be collaborative, there must be transparency and interaction between everyone, and Scrum brings some strategies for this to occur. Among these strategies, we have the daily meetings mentioned in the previous topic. 

These short meetings are crucial to aligning the entire team, increasing productivity, increasing visibility into deliverables, and reducing the time dedicated to an activity.

#3 Autonomy In Management

We know that a project involves several micro-deliveries and that if only a single person is responsible for directing the activity to a collaborator, deliveries will slow. 

Therefore, one of the essential points in Scrum is collaboration, as it not only makes the collaborator interact with the entire project but also creates a greater sense of responsibility and increases the team’s performance.

This responsibility will make the team identify the next steps and be confident in executing them without the manager having to request delivery. 

In other words, this makes the team self-managing – and, at the same time, improves the motivation of those involved.

#4 Adaptability

Adaptation is one of the three pillars of Scrum, and this ability is also one of the benefits of the methodology as it is directly linked to self-managing teams. 

This is because a team with autonomy in deliveries tends to review them more frequently, thus identifying possible improvements that were not evident before. However, the team not only identifies possible improvements but is also open to applying them to the project.

It is worth mentioning that these adaptations need to be aligned daily so that the whole team knows what is happening with the project and does not blur the final objective. 

The fact is that this adaptability makes teams more creative and capable of innovation, in addition to familiarizing the team with possible changes in the project and avoiding frustrations.

#5 Greater Transparency With The Customer

One of the biggest complaints from customers is receiving a product that is totally or partially different from what they would like. This is mainly due to the company’s lack of transparency with clients or extended deadlines and familiarity with traditional waterfall-type project management. 

However, we know that it is not the company that chose to hide something: the most significant problem lies in the lack of clarity that something was misaligned in the project. And this is a situation that can be easily avoided by using Scrum. 

This is because, as all parties involved in the project, including customers, participate effectively, alignment is carried out constantly with each partial delivery. This way, the client can give an opinion and score with the development team on possible improvements and possibilities for the next sprints.

#6 Increased Team Motivation

If the entire team participates in the evolution of the project, has autonomy in deliveries, and carries out everything with collaboration, we possibly have a perfect recipe to form a motivated team. 

And this motivation is fostered because of Scrum’s ideal environment for innovation. But it is worth mentioning that the methodology tends to organize the tasks so that each professional performs what they have the most affinity for.

This gives the professional a valuable opportunity to demonstrate his competence and improve the knowledge he already has, meeting the expectations of the client and the company

Therefore, this combination results in a more motivated employee and a satisfied customer. In addition, Scrum is based on clear and transparent communication, which is a motivating factor. 

#7 Cycle Of Continuous Improvement

As a last but not the most minor benefit, we have continuous improvements in the project through feedback from employees and customers through daily planning and reviews.

The Scrum framework is designed with several feedback tools, which help the team assess and measure whether the actions are taken throughout the process to achieve the expected results.

By identifying possible improvements, it is possible to apply them in the subsequent cycles or sprints, enhancing the results obtained, increasing the product, improving performance, and refining the final delivery. 


The benefits of Scrum for project management are undeniable, and how much the agile methodology makes deliveries more tangible, simple, and practical. 

It will not always be easy to implement all the steps the method imposes, but the result obtained will be worth it. Betting on Scrum’s benefits is the basis for creating a succession of good practices and structuring assertive follow-ups for your more complex products. 

To enhance the team’s productivity, it is worth reconciling Scrum with other agile methodologies and management tools that assist in the process and customer relationship.

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