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Four Tips On How To Choose Colors For Instagram

Colors for Instagram: The visual part of your social media can attract or drive potential customers to your services. This is even more important when you are a freelancer and need to showcase your work.

Knowing how to choose colors for Instagram is one of the steps to professionalizing your social networks. No longer news, this network is a valid showcase for professionals looking for more projects. As it is one of your gateways, it must convey your brand’s visual identity and the message you want.

In this article, we separate some fundamental tips on choosing a color palette for professional Instagram. So, keep reading!

What Is A Color Palette?

A color palette is the union of colors that match each other. That is, it is a harmonic set of tones when placed together. This is an essential tool to consider in your brand’s visual identity. After all, colors can convey information and feelings.

Neuromarketing and neuroscience studies prove that colors can generate sensations in people, both good and bad. Therefore, your palette must be suitable for your visual identity.

So if you don’t make the right choice, you can send a message you don’t want. In addition, it will generate some confusion in your audience or even drive them away.

Therefore, before knowing how to choose colors for Instagram, it is essential to define your brand’s visual identity.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a social network founded in 2010. It was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg in 2012. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Instagram was created to be a predominantly visual network. The initial objective was to be a means to use filters on photos and share images.

Despite having undergone major updates that enabled new features, images are still the focus of Instagram. In addition, videos and Reels have gained significant prominence.

Precisely because it is a visual social network that has become a showcase for business, it is essential to make publications that are planned and appropriate to the defined identity.

What Is The Instagram Color Palette For?

The Instagram color palette makes your profile more visually harmonious and conveys the message of your visual identity.

This set of colors will also guide you in choosing the tones for your posts so that your feed is harmonious and organized. That way, you avoid having an empty and cluttered page, which could confuse the visitor.

How To Choose A Color Palette For Instagram?

To know how to choose colors for Instagram, the first step is to have your brand’s visual identity‚ÄĒremembering that it is crucial to study your market so that the identity is aligned with your niche.

For example, freelance writers have a different visual and brand identity than an online craft store. So, know your industry.

Check Out Some Other Tips Below!

Use color palette tools. A few tools can help you define the colors you will use. They are palette generators that allow you to choose a primary color that makes sense and show you which other tones harmonize with it.

Some of the tools to generate a color palette are:

  • Adobe Color;
  • Chroma Colors;
  • coolers;
  • Shutterstock Colors;
  • COLOUR lovers;
  • UI Gradients;
  • canvas ;
  • Hail pixel Color.

Research The Meaning Of The Colors You Like

Once you’ve selected a few primary colors that you like or make sense for your Instagram, look up their meaning.

With your brand identity defined, the next mission is to know the message you want to convey with your services. You can choose colors with a psychological meaning or foundation that makes sense.

Look For Inspiration

Learning from great success stories is an excellent source of inspiration. So, another tip for knowing how to choose colors for Instagram is to look for ideas and influences from big businesses in your market.

We are not talking about coping strategies and colors but seeking inspiration and suggestions from those who are successful in their niche.

Convey Emotions And Feelings

When defining the color palette, look for shades that generate a trigger. Studies have already proven that consumers‘ emotional and sentimental side speaks louder than the rationale at the time of purchase.

After all, who never bought something on impulse, even though they knew they didn’t need to? So, in addition to the meaning of colors, look for emotional and sentimental reactions in these tones. Some examples are:

  • orange: the feeling of enthusiasm and motivation;
  • blue: calm, tranquility, serene sensations;
  • green: balance, peace, feeling of health;
  • white: cleanliness, lightness, transparency.

Another form of the emotional trigger is to tell a story in your feed and use colors to match the message you want to convey.

The search for how to choose colors for Instagram involves two main steps. The first is to define your brand identity. The second is the message you want to convey to those who visit your profile.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, try to harmonize your tones and maintain a standard in your other social networks.

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