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How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Customer Relationships?

Understand how the features offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) can revolutionize customer service. Did the prospect become a customer, and did your commercial team clap their hands and end there?

The truth is, after the sale, your relationship with customers is just beginning. After all, it is much cheaper to win back customers who have already purchased from you than to win new ones.

And at this point, technology has been a great ally of organizations. After all, with all its features, artificial intelligence can significantly help customer relationships.

But if, on the one hand, it can be said that this transformation has barely begun and still has a lot of potentials to be explored, on the other hand, we can also say that there is an excess of voices talking to the consumer.

How to stand out, amid so many pushes and messages, in the relationship with the customer? This is where AI comes in.

Therefore, in this post, based on the current and future state of the application of AI in customer service, we are going to show you how to use Artificial Intelligence – AI in the relationship with your customers and what challenges you will face when doing so.

The Present And Future Of AI In Customer Relationships

Imagine going for a follow-up appointment with a doctor who saw you three months ago today. When entering the service, the doctor acts as if this is your first appointment with him. He asks for data you’ve previously given, demonstrating that he doesn’t have it and doesn’t even know why you’re there.

You, understanding that it is natural for professionals not to immediately remember their patients, explain to him that you were there three months ago due to such and such issues.

Even so, the doctor does not have any record of the previous consultation, attends you in 10 minutes and leaves you with more doubts than certainties. His only certainty is that he needs another doctor. This story is real.

Now, let’s look at a story that hasn’t happened yet. And who counts is Kai-Fu Lee, in the book AI Superpowers.

He starts from a typical situation, a trip to the supermarket. It’s just that it’s different from anything we’ve ever seen.

A shopping cart greets you at the entrance as if you were an old friend. Inconspicuous sensors scan your face and link it to your behavior, social circle and shopping habits.

As you move around and approach a screen, a voice talks to you while a list of your weekly purchases appears. Not just with the items you like but also with your family’s favorites. If the date coincides with one of their birthdays, no problem, your unseen attendants will know you must be looking for something special for the occasion.

But you’re mistaken if you think that only robots know such particular things about you. Human agents are also aware of this information and use it to help you in your purchase journey, which will be paid for by the eyes and delivered, if you wish, to your home.

The Relationship Customers Want Options, Honest Conversation And Efficiency

Going digital was one of the principal means by which technology was used to promote the continuous relationship between companies and customers. And it worked so well that competition in digital channels is already much higher than it was a few years ago.

Now, while there’s room for everyone, it often feels like we’re in a tower of babel. So, even though brands communicate through multiple channels with customers, the excess of alerts, pushes, messages and emails caused consumers to lose the trust created by the accurate and relevant connection.

But what do customers want? The preferred one remains the email. But beyond that, your customers want to have the option of being able to unsubscribe from your lists.

Omnichannel is the rule, but that doesn’t mean your app will send pushes to customers all the time with offers they don’t want or ask for.

Another point is that your company contacts, besides being varied, need to be where your customers are to have a direct line to you.

What’s more, they need to be able to promote honest conversations, which is the second primary demand of consumers.

Honest Conversations That Foster Authentic Connections

Do you answer calls from unknown numbers? Maybe so, but probably think twice before that. Perhaps it’s a call center, the classic case of what not to do!

Call center service, operated by humans or robots, is the typical model in which the process overlaps with the customer’s needs. Well, not being smart, not engaging, it’s not a two-way conversation.

Consumers value transparent interactions, timed and for their specific needs. With that, we come to another point.

Solve Problems Quickly And Efficiently

We are returning to the example of call centers. Although we receive many calls from them, all we need to do is look for a call center via Crucis to begin. And it’s not just in call centers that this type of problem happens: many companies fail, with difficulty-solving often simple issues.

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