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Instagram Algorithm 2022: What Changes And What Are The Impacts?

Instagram is one of the most used social networks globally and has an absurd number of registered users, with about 1.2 billion people who have an account on the network. 

All this success is mainly due to the platform’s evolution in recent years, no longer just a photo app and having other features such as videos on reels and IGTV or interactivity through stories. 

And whoever thinks that they are just people who use Instagram is wrong; several companies from the most varied segments, such as the production and sale of biodegradable pot, also have an account to promote their services and products. 

With all these tools available within a single application, Instagram is a powerful tool for relaxing and keeping an eye on the news and the lives of the people around you, and investing in actions and strategies that impact the market. 

So it’s always essential to keep an eye on your changes; like all social networks, Insta is constantly renewing itself and presenting new features and tools that make the platform increasingly different and complete. 

This post will help you understand what changes within the Instagram algorithm and what impacts it has for this year 2022.

What Is The Instagram Algorithm?

Before we start explaining changes and impacts, it is necessary to understand the Insta algorithm. In short, it is a set of criteria and calculations that are performed automatically to determine which posts should appear, for which user, and in their order. 

The main objective of the social network is to make you enjoy as much time as possible while accessing the platform, so the posts that appear are usually according to your tastes and subjects that interest you. 

The order of stories, for example, varies a lot according to what you watch the most, as well as “explore” usually provides content similar to the one you consume; if you are looking for videos of recipes made in an industrial mixer, the chance to for similar content to appear for you is too big. 

The more you search or consume posts on a particular topic, the more the algorithm understands that that is what you want and starts replicating it within your feed. 

Algorithm Changes In 2022

Instagram underwent a significant change in 2016, which was the removal of the chronological feed; that is, it would no longer present the most recent publications at the top of its screen but what would be seen according to your interest. 

However, after almost six years, the platform decided to reverse this change and return to the chronological feed within the forum. This directly impacts publications, as you now need to pay attention to the times when your post will be published. 

This return to the old format allows people to have more control and make the social network more democratic. Generally, what appeared at the top were publications with greater engagement.

But in addition to the return of the chronological feed, two models are yet to debut this year, namely the “home,” which is the standard format we are already used to, with publications appearing through personal tastes and engagement. 

And the second is the “favorites,” which gives the option for people to select photos and videos from accounts they like a lot, so if a user you are a big fan of records content by making hinges in a cardboard box, it will be shown for you, as if it were a priority on your screen. 

What Impact Does This Have?

Instagram undergoes significant changes in 2022; the return of the chronological feed and the addition of home and favorites makes a behavior change mandatory for people or companies that want more engagement. 

It is essential to choose the times with the highest flow of online users and bring exciting and constant content that builds loyalty to your brand. Stories, reels, and IGTV have no plans to change, so a well-assembled and engaged publication is still valid in these systems. 

With all this, always keep an eye on creating quality, interactive, modern content that talks to your audience; now, you also need to pay attention to posting schedules and strategies. 

This combined can make the Instagram algorithm look more carefully at your page, valuing your publications according to what you post. It may not be a simple task, but it is possible to adapt to new changes and make Insta a powerful tool for your business with a lot of training.

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