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Email Marketing: Still Worth The Investment?

Email Marketing: Anyone with a small or medium business knows how difficult it can be to capture more leads and increase the reach of your business. That is why there is so much investment in marketing tools in all areas.

A somewhat old method, email marketing, has lost its popularity to other options, especially social networks.

But make no mistake: emails are a very useful and important tool for marketing campaigns. Just understand how your application has changed in recent years and how you can implement it correctly today, especially with all the options available.

Are you thinking about investing in email marketing but need to know how? 

What Benefits Does It Still Bring?

The good old email has not lost its purpose within the market and the marketing world. We separate some of the main benefits it can bring to your business. Follow!

Accurate Measurement Of Results

With all the digital technology available today, it is possible to measure virtually anything over the internet. Actions, keyword searches, number of clicks… you name it. However, it is difficult to track all this data on an open page, as this is a somewhat chaotic and busy environment.

However, email messages are much more controlled, predictable, and easily observed. Therefore, it is much simpler to track statistics such as the response rate to your messages, the level of engagement with email marketing, and the like. And the more accurate your information, the easier it will be to track the performance of your campaigns.

Low Investment Cost

One of the biggest problems a small business can go through when investing in marketing is the cost-benefit ratio. Some campaign types are more effective when you have a larger company or a specific product. If you choose the wrong method for your context, you could lose far more money than you gain.

Sending messages via email is a low investment for any company. The main investments are in a tool that facilitates the administration of contacts and the sending and management of campaigns, in addition to a domain of its own to prevent your messages from being considered spam.

Format Flexibility

They soon come to mind when someone thinks of campaigns with animations, eye-catching images, music, social networks, and YouTube channels. These are good places to market your business, but they also have a stricter formula for what works and doesn’t. You’ll lose range if you try to deviate too much from it.

You don’t have to stick to the written format in an email marketing campaign. Words are important, but a good message can grab the audience’s attention in different ways, with visual aids and even animated gifs being used again. These days email messages are equipped with all of these.

Close And Direct Relationship With The Customer

Yes, social media dominates most of the internet these days. But if you stop and look, the interactions there are much more impersonal, distant, and momentary. It’s different from the engagement you’re looking for between your company and your customers.

Despite being considered the most “formalized, ” emails tend to make conversations with your audience much more direct. Something closer to a “face-to-face. The result is almost always the creation of leads more involved with the brand and its actions.

How To Use Email Marketing Effectively?

Now that you understand why email is such an important marketing tool, it’s time to understand when it works and when it doesn’t. Believe me: the people who complain the most about it not being a viable channel of dissemination are those who have yet to adapt to changes in the public. Below are some ways to make your email campaigns much more effective.

Segment Your Actions

You already know how diverse a company’s audience can be. You’ll have one or two groups to focus on, with narrower age groups, interests, and socioeconomic status. However, there are always more specific criteria you can look for, such as location.

Specificity is key here. Audience segmentation allows you to create more effective campaigns, lower initial investment and maximize return. And through email tools, you can gather and analyze most of this data without hassle.

Never Spam

This is a big reason why email marketing has gained its bad name. Even today, some companies buy gigantic lists of contacts and send random messages to these people without worrying about whether or not they are interested in the product. Naturally, that’s a lot of effort for a negative return on your reputation.

Whatever happens, do not send unsolicited messages. First, ask for lead registration. Offer your messages to keep him informed, and if he wants the information, he’ll click “confirm.” It’s not like you’re going to close a sale with someone who doesn’t care about your service.

Invest In Automation Tools

Last but not least are email management tools. As the number of leads increases, you will no longer be able to handle them manually. There always comes the point where you need to invest in an automation tool.

With it, some of the most “boring” tasks, such as writing down names, updating records, and replicating messages, can be performed by the machine itself. This will save you a lot of time and effort and make it easier to analyze campaign performance over time.

And then, did you realize how it is still worth investing in email marketing? The secret for it to be effective is to rethink your place and avoid some bad practices. Without spending so much, you have a great channel to improve the customer experience and capture more potential customers.

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