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Why Is The Cloud Indispensable For SaaS Companies?

Cloud for SaaS: By offering software as a service, companies know they need to meet different infrastructure requirements, such as high availability of the services offered, information security, and data flexibility.

Therefore, for SaaS companies, the cloud is as important as having the system running smoothly. In addition, new software solutions emerge every day that dispense with packages with very expensive licenses. It is also increasingly rare to use software that cannot be accessed remotely. Thus, SaaS companies need to rely on partners to provide the essential infrastructure for their business.

Next, we will show the importance of the cloud for companies that provide software as a service and the main benefits when opting for a  cloud infrastructure. Follow!

Types Of Cloud Services

We currently have three main types of cloud computing services. And they can also be called the computing stack, as they work as compiled on top of each other. Next, we’ll briefly discuss these three types of services and how they work.

Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

IaaS  (Infrastructure as a Service) is the first type of cloud computing. This is a bridge to access computing and storage resources based on the Internet.

Using IaaS, you have access to a cloud service that provides infrastructure at a more basic level. IaaS allows the contractor to rent this infrastructure from a cloud provider, and the payment for this infrastructure is made in a fully scalable way, according to its use.

Platform As A Service (PaaS)

In the second type of cloud computing, we have PaaS (Platform as a Service), which gives developers access to essential tools for creating and hosting applications.

PaaS is typically used to provide an environment to develop, test, and manage applications, making it the perfect choice for companies working with software development.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

In the third and last type of the top three cloud computing, we have SaaS (Software as a Service), mainly used to handle web-based applications.

SaaS is a way of distributing software applications on the Internet. A cloud provider hosts and manages the software applications, making it simpler for the same application to circulate simultaneously on multiple devices. All this through the cloud.

The Importance Of The Cloud For SaaS Companies

Software as a Service is a more cost-effective way to distribute software. This is because the traditional software license sale with installation CDs or product downloads needs to be carried out. This way, the software does not need to be installed on the user’s computer, with some exceptions, such as backup or antivirus software.

When choosing to use the software as a service, the user is granted a  license to use the software over the Internet, which can be monthly, semi-annual, annual, etc. Another characteristic of the software is allowing the user to choose and configure the system’s main functionalities.

Thus, the system is accessed remotely through a device with an internet connection. This way, hosting the system in the cloud is essential to guarantee this availability. In addition, the company can redirect resources to be invested in the main object of attention of its business, which is systems development.

The Benefits Of Keeping SaaS Infrastructure In The Cloud

Large companies providing SaaS already have their systems stored in the cloud, such as Netflix, Google, Spotify, and Uber. Companies can count on numerous benefits by opting for the public cloud, which we will see in detail below.

Information Security

The concern for information security is extremely great in SaaS systems. Thus, when choosing to store the system in the cloud, in addition to having a team of specialized professionals, the provider offers a series of guarantees, including:

  • data center redundancy;
  • protection against cyber threats;
  • advanced security requirements monitoring capabilities;
  • data backup.

In addition, companies providing cloud services constantly invest in information security, as keeping data safe is essential for the credibility of IT services.


One of the prerequisites for SaaS applications is accessibility. Being in the cloud, the system is available anytime and from any device connected to the Internet. In addition, user requests can be made from different geographic locations, which requires greater processing capacity. Therefore, the provider is capable of serving a large number of simultaneous accesses, maintaining satisfactory performance.

Data Flexibility

Another important reason for opting for cloud infrastructure is the rapid growth of the business. In a Virtual Data Center (Software Defined Data Center – SDDC), for example, it is possible to resize the contracted infrastructure quickly and at a much more attractive cost than the purchase of robust machines. This way, through a  control panel, it is possible to manage all available settings.

Low Installation Cost

Savings are a big draw when choosing to host SaaS on virtual servers (VMs) running in the cloud. This is because the company does not need to invest in hardware and software; hire the package that best suits your needs.

In this way, as there is no need for infrastructure and physical space investments, it is possible to significantly reduce installation costs.

Reduced Risks

SaaS is a system that requires high availability. You must continue for maintenance, technical problems, etc. Therefore, when hosting it in the cloud, the company relies on the provider’s entire infrastructure to ensure the high availability of the service offered.

Functional Monitoring

Monitoring the operation of the environment is essential to detect possible problems that may appear, such as storage space close to the limit. In addition, it is possible to verify if there is any system unavailability through functional tests. In this way, it is possible to take preventive actions.

Reduction In Personnel Costs

There is a significant cost reduction by choosing to keep the SaaS hosted in the cloud. This is because, in addition to the huge savings made by not needing to invest in its infrastructure, there is also the savings related to specialized personnel in this area, which will not be necessary to hire since the service provider offers all support.

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