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The Influence Of AI On Companies And Startups

AI on Companies: Artificial Intelligence has quickly gained space among companies and startups with its improvements and evident technological advancement.

Shorter than you imagined, Artificial Intelligence is already present in everyday situations in society and especially in organizations.

And the most amazing thing: Google had released the API so that any person or company from all over the world could use this technology in their business. 

But first, let me explain what this technology does. As its name says, “Natural Language,” it can interpret texts and establish a level of relevance. And the best part: it allows you to do this on a large scale.

Google itself is the best example of this; everything you search, it ranks the content to add the greatest value to the user. 

In addition, we use all our knowledge in data using our platform, budgeting thousands of jobs and professionals by seniority and creating our database used by the commercial team to budget demands.

Those who work with communication and technology are already used to some new features of this Intelligence in their professional routine.

If your startup is not yet enjoying the benefits of the well-known AI (Artificial Intelligence), find out what opportunities exist in this technology segment.

‍Search Systems

Artificial Intelligence allows search engines to display the most accurate results, even if the search uses generic words.

Google already uses the RankBrain system, which guesses what the user wants to say in the search, even if it’s not something so familiar.

The system “translates” to a simpler meaning similar to the one searched for to generate more results.

‍Programmatic Media

Programmatic campaigns use powerful algorithms to deliver more assertive ads. You can already find professionals specialized in AI technology focused on identifying algorithms and creating programmatic campaigns.

Everything is determined by the embedded data informing the target audience, targeting, and campaign intent. From there, the algorithms will do all the work.

‍Consumer Profile

‍ Brands use large purchases made, demographics, behavior, online history, and other relevant data to define the customer.

These references allow the planning of campaigns, executing promotions, and bringing a brand closer to its stakeholders.

Product Marketing

Just like the customer profile, the entire consumer experience in their navigation is transformed by Artificial Intelligence. Product Marketing can customize the user’s search and purchase moment by customizing search filters.

The consumer’s browsing history is the basis for using and cross-referencing information, generating an impressive result.

Price Dynamics

In this case, Artificial Intelligence defines the value of service and compares what users are willing to pay to offer a fair price.

Google also uses this dynamic based on the previously paid buyers to adjust a floor price for its services automatically.

‍Social Media Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence has transformed the way brands monitor their social networks. Analyzing the algorithms can identify which users raise discussions and dissatisfaction on the web.

But the results are measured by interpreting comments and interactions to differentiate a doubt from a compliment, for example. AND

This monitoring is ideal for identifying crises before there is a growth in this type of interaction and content, reducing damage in these situations. Everything will depend on the intersection of information and brand strategy.

Sales Support

In addition to the infamous chatbots, widely used for sales support functions in different industries, virtual assistants also use Intelligence to communicate with prospects.

This work allows information to be collected about potential customers so that the service in the physical space is done in an optimized way and directed speech.

Customers are better understood through this information analyzed before service and sales management become more strategic.

Sales, performance media, marketing, customer relations, and other areas are impacted by technology and directly by AI. Startups, leaders, and innovation must be fully integrated into these advances.

Communication and technology professionals are increasingly prepared for the challenges and news brought by Artificial Intelligence. It is possible to find different specialists that meet the needs of your business as per demand.

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