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Do You Know What Customer Experience Management Means?

Customer Experience Management: Do you remember when the main objective of a company was just profit? Production took place based on what the market needed, but consumer expectations must be considered.

Today, a lot has changed. That’s why we need to chat about Customer Experience Management.

After all, it is not enough to offer good service and create incredible advertising. Knowing and understanding the human being behind each client is essential to treat them personally. This helps create a positive, meaningful, and memorable experience.

In this post, understand the concept of Customer Experience Management, the main advantages of investing, which tools are suitable, some successful cases, and how to approach is like. Read on!

Understand What Customer Experience Management Is

“Customer Experience (or CX) is everything that involves the consumer’s relationship with the brand even before he becomes a customer. ‘Management’ is the skill capable of managing all practices, methodologies, and systems that humanize relationships”.

This is a long-term strategy, as it accompanies the complete purchase journey, from prospecting, discovery, decision, and after-sales. The cycle does not end and passes through different sectors and departments of the organization.

Find out what are the advantages of investing in CXM. We separate some simple and extremely valuable reasons for you to understand why it is worth embracing this idea:

Build Customer Loyalty

When you deliver a good end-to-end experience, the customer is likely to promote the brand to friends, family, and even across digital channels. That’s because he starts to trust your recommendations and, thus, buys additional services and products.

strengthens The Brand

Another advantage of investing in CX is word-of-mouth marketing, one of the smartest marketing resources: it’s free and reaches your audience directly through reliable sources. This contributes to strengthening the brand and, at the same time, acquiring new potential customers.

Increase Sales

It is common for the brand to have detractors, that is, those consumers who disqualify the company. With good Customer Experience management, converting them into satisfied customers is possible. The result is an exponential increase in sales.

Reduces Costs

Adopting a culture of giving others what you would like to receive is contagious. In addition to being able to reduce costs with the acquisition of new buyers, successful companies in CX management also value employees. With more organized data, there is a greater volume of possible conclusions, and retaining clients in the IVR is easier.

Check Out The Main Tools To Put The Customer Experience Into Practice

There are several ways to manage the customer relationship:

CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management)

CX focuses on the customer, and all attention is focused on him. However, it is necessary to invest in a CRM system capable of registering, identifying, and storing the information of each buyer. This way, managing all data, including personal interests and past purchases, is possible.


This technology offers new possibilities for you to provide excellent service. Mainly because the consumer wants to resolve a situation quickly; in this case, the chatbot can communicate amicably with hundreds of people simultaneously.


Email is also an excellent resource that helps manage the Customer Experience strategy. Customizing the message according to the stored history to facilitate conversions is the tip. Remember that the agent must know about past customer interactions through other channels.


Measuring performance is indispensable to know if your efforts show good results or need changes. Satisfaction surveys, such as the NPS (net promoter score), are an excellent indicator that indicates the level of customer satisfaction.

Discover A Successful Case

Implementing IVR by NET, a telecommunications company, was a historic milestone in customer experience management. 

Today, NET has an index of around 50% to 60% of all self-service. In terms of the economy, this represents a huge step forward for the company and the environment. It is also proof that it is possible to transform the relationship between the customer and the brand, even without modifying the company’s resources, such as the Call Center and the IVR.

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