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What Is The Ideal CRM For My Company?

CRM can meet the different needs of every business, regardless of its size. Small, medium, and even large businesses can benefit from the tool.

How To Deploy CRM In A Company?

First, you must understand how and where to look for CRM alternatives that fit your company’s needs. For this, instead of depending only on the first results of Google searches, it is also essential to know the opinion of other people to make the best possible choice.

On the B2B Stack portal, for example, the user has detailed access to hundreds of CRM options and exclusive features and price information. The most important thing is that it is also possible to check the opinions of those who know the most about CRM:  the people who use the solution! After all, who better to evaluate a tool than someone with experience, right?

The second point to be considered is the size of your company. If you have a small business, looking for a solution that exactly fits your demands is interesting. They may end up being different from a large company, for example. 

Micro And Small Companies

Micro and small companies generally need more intuitive software that offers various features.

For most small businesses, the most significant advantage of a CRM is not just the organization of routines and the decentralization of customer service but the automation of marketing, which is an excellent benefit for the business.

Medium-Sized Companies

For midsize companies, scalability is one of the essential features of a CRM. In general, these companies are booming. Because?

Currently, what is observed in the market is that many medium-sized companies end up investing in a simpler CRM, but over time, they realize there are better options for the business. However, in some cases, there are better solutions than dedicated tools for large companies due to their complexity and price.

Therefore, to find out which tool is best for your company, analyze your needs in detail, but remember that scalability is essential in this case.

Big Business

In the case of big businesses, there is no shortage of tools. In general, this type of company has more sectors focused on customer service and success and, precisely for this reason, needs to invest in CRM tools.

For large businesses, software solutions are often more customizable. However, in general, the tool requires training and a responsible person to answer the doubts and questions of other employees.

What Are The Leading CRM Tools?

Here is a list of some of the top CRM tools available on the market:

Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM is a North American platform winner of several awards in Best CRM Lead Management Software by Gartner Peer Insights and Leader in the Enterprise and Midsize Segment by G2Crowd.

Among the main functionalities offered by the platform are the optimization of account management, lead management, customer database, conversion, access tracking, and sales funnel analysis, among others.

HubSpot CRM 

Developed by HubSpot, one of the giants in the Marketing sector, HubSpot CRM helps with the control of the company’s sales funnel system. 

For this, the platform makes it possible to monitor all sale stages by analyzing the types of deals carried out or controlling the proposed targets.

One of the platform’s differentials is the possibility of registering all contacts on a timeline, gathering all the information acquired during the negotiation. This system also allows all teams access to the interactions, facilitating interventions if necessary.

RD Station CRM 

RD Station CRM is a platform that offers commercial control free of charge, where it is possible to gather all the essential information for managing the sales funnel. 

The solution offers the user to analyze the entire history of interactions that occurred until conversion and the creation of personalized campaigns according to the public. That is, tracking which initiatives have an effect and improving your action plan is possible.

In addition, it is possible to view, in real-time, the status of all negotiations, which helps with the integration and organization of the sales team.

After all, more and more, these tools are transforming the day-to-day of businesses of different sizes. They benefit from direct interaction with consumers and sales and marketing strategies.

CRM tools are essential for companies that want to increase the productivity of their sales teams and digitize the processes in this area.

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