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Digital Business: The Role (And Importance) Of It In This Market

Digital business represent a growing index. Whether as a strategy for brands that want to get closer to their consumers, as a means of overcoming unemployment or as a supplement to income.

Regardless of the reason, they have one thing in common: the certainty that the internet is a fertile environment with investment potential. After all, its use has been gaining more and more space.

In addition, we will talk about the importance of IT for each of them, highlighting why investing in this area is essential.

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What Are Digital Businesses?

Digital businesses are those based on the use of technology and the internet to develop and market more modern standards of products and services. 

They represent a new market phase, revolutionized by the web and by all the digital transformation, in which consumers and brands are increasingly connected, interacting all the time.

The speed with which all these novelties were consolidated means that we are not even aware, all the time, of what has changed. 

Seeing ordering options and placing an order in a restaurant just using your cell phone is something that, a few years ago, would have sounded unreal and futuristic. Today is our reality, and it doesn’t stop there.

For example, large, renowned and profitable companies such as Nonbank, Amazon and Uber operate essentially digitally, not needing huge offices and many employees for their services to be successful.

With the rise of entrepreneurship, digital business opportunities have set the stage for the startup trend.

These — which are not necessarily limited to the internet environment but undoubtedly make good use of it — are young and innovative companies with a more scalable business model. 

They differ from traditional companies by establishing themselves in scenarios of uncertainty and with many solutions to be developed.

Features Of Digital Business

We already understand, so far, that the basis of digital business is the internet. But what other features are part of this innovative model that conquered the market? 

Let’s take a closer look at them in more detail below:

Existing Technologies

Many tools have already hit the market to meet online demand, helping to develop digital businesses.

We can think, for example, of those that aim to facilitate communication with the user, such as chatbots created from Artificial Intelligence and satisfaction survey forms, online wallets and other payment platforms, and management software, among others.

Regardless of the tool’s sector, these technologies are created to optimize processes and encourage user interaction. For this reason, they generate value for the customer and reduce operating costs.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, as mentioned above, is one of the components of the entire digital business consolidation process. 

Innovations such as Big Data, the Internet of Things, and virtual and augmented reality, among others, have created vast possibilities for studying consumer behavior and interaction with it.

However, this characteristic of digital business is not limited to using these tools. It implies a cultural transformation across the entire market, ranging from the discovery of the need for a strategy for the IT sector to the role of the professional in the area and the relevance of their technical and behavioral capabilities.


One of the main characteristics of digital business is competitiveness. Companies that invest in this segment are constantly developing strategies to achieve a prominent position.

This is because new businesses in this area are increasingly recurring, and it is challenging to be among the most recognized brands. 

Choosing by the customer involves a whole context of loyalty, more pleasant shopping experiences and a close relationship with the public.


When we talk about digital business, we are talking about the internet and connectivity. Everything works when you are connected, and knowing how to position yourself is the watchword for success.

Social networks and the insertion of brands in this environment are an example of this. Not only a space for relationships between users but an opportunity to identify trends, possibilities, and errors and outline improvements. 

The manifestations of users through comments on posts are the promotion of interaction, opening a door for the clarification of doubts and also for approaching these people.

Digital business connectivity also implies being accessible on any device, be it a desktop, smartphone or tablet, for example. Companies must be aware of this.


Another aspect provided by the digital business is flexibility. After all, working on the internet makes you freer to work from wherever you are, often even setting your hours and organizing yourself most appropriately and conveniently.

This is even one of the points that make digital business so attractive, especially for young entrepreneurs who seek to work with something they genuinely enjoy, without necessarily being stuck in a tiring routine, being able to travel and meet new people and places.

Constant Update

The digital business market requires intense preparation. You must be aware of the need to keep up to date, knowing the technological innovations that arise in your area of ​​expertise. 

The key to success in this field is to research the public, the competition, the differentials and the experiences that the consumer is looking for. The relentless search for new information is infinite and present in the digital business routine. 

Today’s learning will be ineffective if not updated tomorrow. Both technologies and consumer behavior are inconsistent and require reading, training, online courses, and participating in events, forums, and workshops.

Investment In Marketing

Marketing aims to bring the brand closer to its audience. This idea comes very close to the purposes which companies gradually discover are very important to reach the consumer of today’s world.

Considering the internet environment, both the general concept of marketing and its strategies gain an even greater dimension. 

This is because the web universe requires developing a stronger connection between the brand and its audience, encouraging loyalty and the emergence of followers capable of supporting and defending the company.

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