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Digital Marketing: Where Your Customers Are!

Digital Marketing: Have you ever considered how many hours people spend in front of their cell phones? To give you an idea, almost every country spends the most time in front of the device: an average of 5.4 hours a day.

With such a vast audience visiting social networks and shopping apps, how can the retailer use this to stand out in the digital market? Through digital marketing.

Make no mistake: you are bombarded by digital marketing techniques on social networks, blogs, and websites. Everything is a strategy to attract and retain customers, from the Instagram ad to the blog post that answers any questions. The best: in addition to increasing the audience, you still manage to become an authority in the segment.

Understand now what digital marketing is and how to invest:

After All, What Is Digital Marketing?

It is the set of marketing strategies aimed at the digital environment. 

Inbound Marketing: Attract The Audience Without Talking About Sales

One of the most popular and established digital marketing strategies is inbound marketing. Instead of acting like traditional advertisements, which “interrupt” the potential customer, it makes the user find your company’s content of their own free will. Hence it is also called attraction marketing.

Times have changed. People pay streaming services to listen to music and watch their movies and series without being interrupted by advertisements. The same goes for content: they want to buy from companies that can develop their products and services without interrupting them all the time.

This does not mean, however, that ads are not valid. Actions like Google Ads bring customers while the company develops its content strategies. However, the user only finds your ad after searching. It is not “disrupted” by any pop-ups or spam.

WhatsApp And Sales For Your Business

WhatsApp is the most used app, surpassing Instagram, and Facebook. For retailers, it’s also a great way to make new sales.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is the professional version of the app. Free, it was designed for small and medium-sized companies that need help investing in high digital marketing resources. 

In addition to looking much more professional, WhatsApp Business has several features to help your business sell more. Look:

  • profile creation: WhatsApp Business allows your company to create a profile with a biography, website, product catalog, physical address, and other forms of contact (email and landline, for example);
  • Confirmed company: WhatsApp may contact you to confirm (gray symbol) or verify (green icon, more common in large companies) your profile;
  • Automatic greeting: your company can set an automatic greeting when the user sends the first message. Thus, he can already say what he needs, and you can send him to speak with the responsible sector;
  • Chatbot: it is also possible to put the user to talk to a robot, which will be responsible for the simplest assistance. This makes the company’s work easier, as it only needs to deal with more serious doubts and problems.


Status is also a great digital marketing tool. Your company can post news from the catalog, show a little of the day-to-day activities of the store, and share discount coupons and exclusive promotions for users who have saved their number.

WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Pay is the app’s payment tool. It works like Pix, i.e., payment is instantaneous, but you need to have a card from one of the partner banks registered.  

Instagram: Showcase Products And Close Sales

Still, within the platforms of the Meta group (formerly Facebook), Instagram is one of the most used social networks. Millions of active users  (who visit social networks at least once a month) registered in October. Therefore, it is fertile ground for you to invest in digital marketing. Discover some ways:


The main currency of digital marketing is content. It is he who attracts the customer to the business, regardless of whether it is traditional advertising or inbound marketing material.

Content is present in several ways:

  • In subtitles, which can be educational texts about your product or service;
  • In the images, which can also have the text and informative content (but they need to be of high quality);
  • in videos, like stories and Reels;
  • In the interaction between the brand and the follower.

With many ways to create content and captivate followers, Instagram is one of the best digital marketing tools today. 


Instagram ads have several objectives: gain more followers, lead the user to a product or service link, promote promotions, and much more. The big advantage is that you don’t need to have a profile on the social network to advertise on it, as you can create one on Facebook. However, as it brings many possibilities to a store, having your profile there is mandatory if your target audience is present.  

Buy Now

For those with e-commerce, Instagram has a special feature: the Buy Now button. The retailer adds the link to the button when placing the product photo on the social network. Thus, the potential customer can click to check the product’s price and already open the purchase page.

Blog: Transforming Your Business Into An Authority In The Segment

One of the most famous resources of digital marketing is the blog. He is the great strategy to transform your business into an authority in the segment.

When a customer does a Google search — for example: which mask protects against COVID? — he will be presented with pages that promise to answer the subject. If you have a medical products store and a blog on the subject, the more quality and alignment with SEO rules your content has, the more chances it has to appear on the first page of the search.

Blog content needs time to garner visitors. As time passed, Google began to take it as a trusted medium. Therefore, it is believed that content marketing takes at least six months to bring results.

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