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Cross Selling: What It Is And How To Apply It On Social Networks!

Who never went to buy just one product and left the store full of bags? More than an impulse or compulsive purchase, Cross Selling is a marketing technique that encourages customers to consume products through cross-selling.

What Is Cross-Selling?

For some Cross-Selling for others cross-selling, regardless of the term, the important thing is to understand the concept behind this sales technique. This method seeks to offer more products to buyers based on their original purchase.

Do you know when you buy a book in a virtual store, and the site already suggests other titles in the same category? Yeah, that’s Cross Selling! By offering complementary products to the customer, the platform encourages him to add more items to his bag.

How Does Social Selling Enter Into This Story?

Cross Selling is very effective in the online environment, such as e-commerce. And to make this technique even more profitable, different brands are already investing heavily in Social Selling.

That is nothing more than a set of strategies aimed at establishing a relationship of trust between the brand and the public and, consequently, generating sales through social networks.

It is through these channels that brands can communicate personally with their audience and, from there, generate leads for future conversion.

What Are The Advantages Of Cross-Selling?

Now that you understand what Cross Selling is and how it works. See some of the benefits of using this technique. Let’s go.

Sell More

The main advantage of this technique is undoubtedly to increase the sales volume. When a platform offers more product options to customers, the chances of them buying more items increase considerably.

In addition, it is essential to remember that these sales are consistent; that is, they are purchase combinations that make sense to users, which makes the decision process even more accessible and more effective.

Serve The Consumer Better

Another great advantage of tie-in sales is to serve the user browsing better and looking for products on the brand’s website. With this practice, the brand stops offering just one product and starts offering complete kits that can satisfy the entire customer.

Ah, it’s also worth remembering that a satisfied customer tends to return to that store or platform more often!

Increase The Average Ticket

One of the consequences of Cross Selling is the increase in the average ticket sales; that is, the average purchase price of users is higher and brings more profits to the platform.

And, if you have yet to learn how important it is to raise the average ticket value, know that this is one of the most fundamental pillars for the growth and evolution of the brand in your market.

How To Use Social Networks To Do Cross-Selling?

Social networks are fundamental tools for brands to communicate with their audience in the digital environment. And, of course, they must be included in sales strategies.

Facebook has already launched formats that serve this cross-selling or Ads Collection. An ad format that lets people go from discovery to purchase almost seamlessly.

Some brands advertise their products on Facebook with the help of creative types. In addition to providing a new experience to users, the Collection also offers four combined products to customers.


Social networks are great channels for finding potential customers. Through them, the hitherto unknown brand manages to structure its presence and encourage its discovery—the initial stage of the sales process and, consequently, of Cross-Selling.

Lead Generation

Social networks are also excellent channels for generating leads. With creative and attractive posts, many brands can encourage users to register. Also, lead generation helps to increase traffic to the brand’s website or blog.


These channels are also used as remarketing tools, thus encouraging the user to complete a purchase or complete registration. One practice – which works – to encourage closure is to use dark posts aimed at the public who have already seen an ad or already accessed the website but did not complete the purchase.

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